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Solo Percussion - unaccompanied

A Day in the City-Buss, marimba coverA DAY IN THE CITY “7 Vignettes” (1986, new edition: revised and renotated 2015) for solo marimba or xylophone by Howard J. Buss. These colorful musical scenes from the city are excellent study and recital pieces. Each movement is given a title which depicts an occurrence which the composer experienced one day during a visit to New York City. The movements are Another Sunrise (based upon an early morning excursion to Central Park to witness the rising of the sun over the buildings); Off to a Busy Day (driving in heavy traffic, zigzagging around to avoid "crazy" drivers); The Lost Key Episode (the composer lost his car keys, but the key of the music is lost too); The Waitin' in Line Blues (an actual blues progression); Romantic Interlude (a beautiful, melodious and flowing waltz); Sudden Storm (getting caught up in a raging thunderstorm); and Out on the Town (has a cheerful Latin feel and breaks into swing as it reaches its climax). "Tonal, charming and imaginative! The low purchase price and the incisive approach of a skilled composer make this a piece worth seeking out.”- PMEA News  (10’)  Grade IV.
or to order offline A DAY IN THE CITY solo marimba or xylophone,  B306 $6.95 

RITE OF PASSAGE (1995) for solo marimba by Howard J. Buss. This “tour de force” features technically impressive passages of driving intensity with a haunting, mystical central section. “A challenging solo that is worth consideration for the advanced recital program. - Percussive Notes. (5’45”) Grade V-VI. Recorded on the CD Spanish Memoirs by Yu-Jung Chung (available from IBS Classical).
Rite of Passage
sound excerpts: Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3.mp3
or to order offline RITE OF PASSAGE solo marimba, B333 $6.95

Taking Flight coverTAKING FLIGHT (2015) for solo vibraphone by Roger C. Vogel is a musical journey, one that begins slowly and gradually develops momentum to take wing and soar in the imagination. The opening ideas are elaborated and developed throughout. The music was in part inspired by the quote, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”- Plato (6’) Grade V. B942 $8.95 
or to order offline Taking Flight, for solo vibraphone, B942 $8.95

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