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Band Music

Energico! for bandENERGICO! for band or wind ensemble (2014) by Howard J. Buss begins with a concise, stately section that presents harmonic and rhythmic material that is developed throughout. The festive main body of the work is in an episodic ABA-Coda format and mixes Buss’ unique style of soaring lyricism with crisp, energetic rhythms and colorful harmonies. Energico! was originally written for flute ensemble during the summer of 2008: The Long Island Flute Club with support from The Brannen-Cooper Fund commissioned it in celebration of its 25th anniversary (1984-2009). It was premiered in 2009 by the Professional Flute Choir of the Long Island Flute Club at the National Flute Association Convention in New York City. The flute choir version of the work is available from Brixton Publications. Energico! for band intensifies the energy of the original version by utilizing the full resources of the concert band, including four percussion parts. The timbral palette is expanded accordingly and includes the use of mutes, stopped horn, and other colorful devices. Energico! for band is a sophisticated, yet audience-friendly work. (10’30”) Grade V-VI.
Complete Set (score & parts): B416BCS $128.00 - Score Only: B416BS $30.00 - Parts Only: B416BP $98.00
Sound samples: Excerpt_1.mp3; Excerpt_2.mp3; Excerpt_3.mp3; Excerpt_4.mp3

ENERGICO! for band or wind ensemble, complete set (score & parts) B416BCS $128.00
ENERGICO!for band or wind ensemble, score only B416BS $30.00

ENERGICO!for band or wind ensemble, parts only B416BS $98.00

Fanfares for band cover artFANFARES (1981) for band or wind ensemble by Howard J. Buss is a collage of fanfares of varying length and color. This patriotic work (inspired by the release of the American hostages in Iran) has been included in the Presidential Collection of Ronald Reagan. “An excellent choice for contest.” - The Instrumentalist, “Nancy and I enjoyed the performance immensely.” - President Ronald Reagan, “It has all that you look for in an extended ‘fanfare’ to open a big program and deserves the attention of those bands capable of modest Grade V music.” - Dr. James Croft in The Florida Music Director.  (7’15”) Grade V.
Sound Samples: Excerpt 1.mp3, Excerpt 2.mp3,
Excerpt 3.mp3, Excerpt 4.mp3

FANFARES B318S - Score only - $20.00 

FANFARES B318CS Complete set (score and parts) - $45.00

FANFARES B318P - Parts only - $25.00

Illuminations by Howard BussILLUMINATIONS for bass trombone or tuba and band by Howard J. Buss, originally for bass trombone (or tuba) and piano, was composed for Charles Vernon, bass trombonist with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and the 30th Anniversary of the International Trombone Festival. This significant addition to the repertoire is written in an accessible modern style. The musical language is sophisticated, yet appealing to general audiences.  Illuminations is cast in 2 contrasting movements: The first, Reverie, is contemplative and lyrical. Beautiful, expansive melodic lines are woven into a gentle, almost mystical, musical fabric. The second movement, Urban Lights, is an energetic rondo that is strongly influenced by jazz, and in one section, funk music. “Thoughtful, tuneful, and rewarding to perform.” – ITA Journal  (19’) Grade V-VI.
Complete Set (score & parts): B369BCS $98.00  - Score only: B369BS  $28.50   - Parts only: B369BP $69.50
Sound samples:
Movement 1 - Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3.mp3
Movement 2 - Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3.mp3; Excerpt 4.mp3
Illuminationsfor Bass Trb. or Tuba & Band, Complete Set (score & parts): B369BCS $98.00
Illuminationsfor Bass Trb. or Tuba & Band, score only: B369BS $28.50 
Illuminations for Bass Trb. or Tuba & Band, parts only: B369BP $69.50

  Trombone Concerto by Howard Buss TROMBONE CONCERTO (1983) by Howard J. Buss in three movements: Proclamation, Soliloquy, and Capriccio. This critically acclaimed composition works well as a feature number and as a contest piece. “An alternative to the Rimsky-Korsakov, the Jacob ‘Concertino’, or the Larson - substantial, listenable, I recommend it highly.” - Paul Hunt, ITA Journal. (18’) Grade V. Trombone Concerto (version for trombone and band) score samples (transposed score):
Excerpt, Score, Movement 1.pdf
Excerpt, Score, Movement 2.pdf
Excerpt, Score, Movement 3.pdf
Excerpt, Solo Part Movement 1.pdf
Excerpt, Solo Part Movement 2.pdf
Excerpt, Solo Part Movement 3.pdf(
Trombone Concerto (version for trombone and band) Sound Sanples:
Movement 1: Excerpt_(Opening).mp3; Excerpt_(Middle).mp3; Excerpt_(End).mp3
Movement 2: Excerpt_Mov.2.mp3
Movement 3: Excerpt_(Opening).mp3; Excerpt_(End).mp3

or to order offline - version for trombone and piano, B342: $16.50

or to order offline - version for trombone and band, score only B342BS: $28.00
or to order offline - version for trombone and band, parts only - B342BP: $52.00:
or to order offline -Complete Set (score & parts) B342BCS: $80.00

Orchestra Music

sinfonietta by howard j buss coverSINFONIETTA (1990) for string quintet (2-1-1-1) or string orchestra by Howard J. Buss was commissioned by the Imperial Symphony Orchestra for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the American Music Center. This exciting work is characterized by vibrant colors and driving rhythms. (6’30”) Grade V.
Sound Samples:
Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3

Sinfonietta, version for string quintet, B336 $20.00
Sinfonietta, version for string orchestra B337 $36.00

Skylines trumpet & orcchestra coverSKYLINES for trumpet (Bb or C ) and orchestra by Howard Buss is a picturesque musical urban portrait in two movements. The work is loosely programmatic in that no specific city is depicted; rather, the composer captures, in a broad manner, the essence of the big city spectacle. The lyrical and majestic first movement, Panorama, suggests the expansive grandeur of cityscape. The second, Amid the Spires, is hugely influenced by jazz and captures the dynamic energy of life on the busy streets. The trumpet and piano version was premiered by Eric Berlin, trumpet, and Nikki Stoia, piano, on May 22, 2003 at the International Trumpet Guild Conference held at Texas Christian University in Forth Worth. The orchestra version was completed in the Spring of 2006.
I. Panorama (5:35)
II. Amid the Spires (4:35)
total performance time: approximately 10 1/2 minutes, Grade V.
Sound samples: Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3 (the ending).mp3

Skylines, version for trumpet and piano B380T $18.50
Skylines, version for trumpet and orchestra, score only - B380TS $22.00
Skylines, version for trumpet and orchestra, score & parts- B380TCS $98.00
Skylines, version for trumpet and orchestra, parts only- B380TP $76.00

number of parts in complete set/instrumentation
1 - Solo Bb trumpet
1 - Solo C trumpet
2 - Flutes 1, 2
2 - Oboes 1, 2
2 - Bb Clarinets 1, 2
1 - Bb Bass Clarinet
2 - Bassoon 1, 2
2 - Horn in F 1, 2
2 - Bb Trumpets 1, 2
1 - Percussion 1
1 - Percussion 2
1 - Percussion 3
8 - Violin 1
8 - Violin 2
6 - Viola
6 - Cello
4 - Contrabass

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