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Moon Glow CD cover Sognando Lo Spazi, flute and piano: Elena Cecconi flute and Tim Carey, piano
Imported from Urania Records, Italy

Vincenzo Bellini - Norma
Claude Debussy - Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune
André Jolivet - Chant de linos
Carl Reinecke - Undine Sonate
Paola Devoti - Dreaming land
Howard J. Buss - Moon Glow (published by Brixton) listen: Excerpt 1.mp3, Excerpt 2.mp3
John Williams - Across the stars

Sognando Lo Spazi, flute and piano - Urania Records, CD-118 $18.95

Jewish Memories, Paola Devoti, harp

All of these compositions for solo harp are performed by one of the world's greatest harpists, Paola Devoti.

Howard J. Buss - Awakening* (published by Brixton) 6:56 Listen
Paola Devoti - Ikh hob dikh lib* 3:11 Listen
Paola Devoti - Freylekhs: frammenti di danza* 4:36 Listen
Valentino Metti - Alenu: fantasia per arpa* 13:08
Paola Devoti - Canto sefarditico* 2:29
Attilio Del Re - Suonando nello scantinato* 4:21
Attilio Del Re - Suite of Yiddish Melodies* 5:33
Alberto Gentilil - Sognando 2:55
Paul Ben-Haim - Poème 4:21
Paola Devoti - Ikh hob dikh lib* 3:11
Paola Devoti - Freylekhs: frammenti di danza* 4:36

*World Premiere Recording

Jewish Memories CD - Devoti, CD-116 $22.95

Imported from Bottega Discantica (Italy) BDI 237
Flute & Piano in Concert 
Elena Cecconi, flauto (flute) - Federico Brunello, piano     
Music by Saint-Saëns, Caplet, Taffanel, Gaubert, Ibert, Casella, and Buss - Total Playing time: 57' 09"

Camille Saint-Saëns - Odelette op. 162 8'44"
Andre' Caplet - Reverie et Petitie Valse from Feuillets d'Album 9'04"
Claude-Paul Taffanel - Andante Pastoral et Scherzettino 6'53
Philippe Gaubert - Fantaisie 7'21"
Jacques Ibert - Histories
     Le petit ane blanc 2'10"
     Danse la maison triste 2'51"
     La cage de cristal 2'01"
     Le cortege de Balkis 1'19"
Alfredo Casella - Siciliana e Burlesca 9'42"
Howard Buss - Dragon Flight (premier recording) 6'58"

Flute & Piano in Concert CD, Cecconi, CD-114 $22.95

Imported from Bottega Discantica (Italy) BDI 188
Flauto e arpa  (Flute and harp)

Elena Cecconi, flauto (flute) - Paola Devoti, arpa (harp)
Music by Saint-Saens, Buss, Procaccini, Cataldo, Ravel, Del Re, Debussy, Piazzolla - Total playing time: 73' 30''

1 Camille Saint-Saëns - Fantaisie op. 124   15' 55''
2 Howard Buss - Alpine Spring   12' 50'' (Published by Brixton Publications, see listing above.)
3 Teresa Procaccini - Lied op. 76   5 '42''
4 Glauco Cataldo - Dallo scoglio al mare (From the sea cliff)  9 '34''
5 Maurice Ravel - Piece en forme de Habanera   3 '12''        
6 Attilio Del Re - Yom ha shoah-Rapsodia su temi Yiddish (Rhapsody on issuesYiddish)  10 '23''
7 Claude Debussy - Prelude a l'apres-midi d'un faune  10 '56''
8 Astor Piazzolla - Oblivion   4 '36''

Flauto e arpa CD, Cecconi-Devoti, CD-113 $22.95

atmospheres CD Atmospheres - This significant CD by the Double Take Duo (Don N. Parker, percussion and Sheryl Linch-Parker, trumpet) is a "must". The CD takes its name from the first work on the recording, Atmospheres by Howard J. Buss (published by Brixton Publications). The CD includes:

Atmospheres (2005) for trumpet and percussion by Howard J. Buss (Published by Brixton Publications.)
[1] I. The Wakening                     4:41
[2] II. One Sunday, Long Ago     4:03
[3] III. On-The-Edge                   3:52

[4] Where Sirens Dwell (2006) by William L. Cahn    12:46
     for trumpet and percussion with prerecorded CD

Six Interlocutions for Trumpet and Percussion
[5] I. Opening Statement             3:02
[6] II. Light Banter                      3:00
[7] III. Call                                  1:15
[8] IV. Be Correct or Happy       5:32
[9] V. Response                           1:27
[10] VI. Conclusion                     6:23

ATMOSPHERES, Double Take trumpet & percussion duo, CD-110 $16.95

Love Letters - This wonderful CD features 3 exquisite compositions by Roger C. Vogel: Love Letters for high voice, violin and piano; The Distances They Keep for 2 high voices, flute, and piano; and In Darkness for high voice, alto sax, and piano. All works are published by Brixton Publications.
Love Letters (Published by Brixton Publications.)
1. Your Letter Moved Me 2:29
2. I Lie Awake 3:52
3. Dear Miss West Forty-seventh Street 1:49
4. My Dearest Nell (voice and piano) 7:45
5. The French Ladies 3:39
6. My Darling Dear, Delightful Ringo 2:57
7. Have You Heard That I Love You (voice and violin) 3:07
8. Alas! I have Suffered Your Scorn! 11:36
9. Everything Measurable Passes 1:45
10. Interlude (violin and piano) 2:59
11. Adieu, I Seal My Letter 4:36
Ellen Ritchey, soprano; Gregory Broughton, tenor; Levon Ambartsumian, violin; and Anatoly Sheludyakov, piano.
The Distances They Keep 13:13 (Published bby Brixton Publications.)
Ellen Ritchey, Stephanie Pierce, sopranos, Lisa Bartholow, flute; and Andre Lash, piano.
In Darkness 17:30 (Published by Brixton Publications.)
Ellen Ritchey, soprano; Kenneth Fischer, alto sax; Anatoly Sheludyakov, piano.
Total playing time 77:20.

LOVE LETTERS CD - CD-109  $16.95

  Capstone Records CD HOWARD J. BUSS: MODERN TIMES Music for flute, percussion, and narrator “Outstanding, brilliant...These works demonstrate that Buss is one of our more outstanding composers for percussion. The performances are of the highest quality.” - George Frock, Percussive Notes Magazine, October 2004
In its April 2005 issue, The Gramophone, a leading audiophile magazine based in England, selected the CD Howard J. Buss: Modern Times to be included among “The best new recordings from North America.”
“Composer Howard J. Buss has won a number of awards, and this varied survey offers a worthy overview of his music.” - The Gramophone, April 2005
And specifically about Scenes from the Holy Land:
“The opening section, ‘Masada’ presents angular solos against percussion accents, with ascending legato passages for the flute. The music turns more florid and Middle-Eastern in style before a peaceful coda. ‘Storm on Mount Sinai’ offers sharply rhythmic music accented with tambourine and a more febrile bazaar-like flute writing. ‘The Flock by the Sea of Galilee’ contains an oddly memorable five-note percussion motif under a lovely bucolic flute theme. ‘The Road to Jerusalem’ makes a haunting finale with elaborate passages against pulsating percussion. Scenes from the Holy Land is an effective and colorful work with deftly varied music and tackled by the musicians with skill and understated virtuosity Buss’ intimate style requires. It makes its effects with point and economy and would be a boon to flute and percussion duos searching for program material.”
- The Gramophone, April 2005

Overture for Percussion for 4 percussion (6:00) Howard J. Buss
  Sound samples:   # 1.mp3.# 2.mp3, # 3.mp3
Scenes from the Holy Land for flute and percussion (15:30) Howard J. Buss
I. Masada (3:50)
II. Storm on Mount Sinai (3:06)
III. The Flock By the Sea of Galilee (2:24)
IV. Jordan Valley Enchantment (2:29)
V. The Road to Jerusalem (4:26)
Currents for four percussion (14:34) Howard J. Buss
  Sound Samples: # 1.mp3,# 2.mp3, # 3.mp3, # 4.mp3
Modern Times for narrator, flute and four percussion (29:30) Howard J. Buss
I. Info Glut (3:34) Sound Sample.mp3
II. Night Tide (2:49) Sound Sample.
III. The Hunt (4:14) Sound Sample.
IV. Five Question Interlude (3:01) Sound Sample
V. The Asphalt Blanket (3:11) Sound Sample
VI. To a Neglected Child (5:25) Sound Sample
VII. Giggles!?! (1:57) Sound Sample.
VIII. Modern Times (5:26) Sound Sample#1
.mp3; Sound Sample#2.mp3
Total Playing Time: (66:45)

HOWARD J. BUSS: MODERN TIMES: flute, percussion & narrator CD-107 $16.95

All works published by Brixton Publications (ASCAP) -
Performers: Overture for Percussion: T. Hampton Dohrman, Emory Blake, Grant M. Beiner, Lee W. Hinkle and Robert McCormick, conductor. Scenes from the Holy Land: The McCormick Duo - Kim S. McCormick, flute; Robert McCormick, percussion. Performers for Currents: T. Hampton Dohrman, Emory Blake, Grant M. Beiner, Robert McCormick. Modern Times: Jerald Reynolds, narrator; Kim McCormick, flute; percussion: Greg Graves, Cara Ready, Brad Sharo, Ryan Thomas. Overture, Scenes and Currents recorded at the Springs Theatre, Tampa FL. Modern Times recorded at the Music Recital Hall at the University of South Florida, Tampa. Engineer John Stephan of the Springs Theatre ( Cover art by Judy E. Buss.

Capstone Records CD - Twilight Remembered: The McCormick Duo Kim McCormick, flute and Robert McCormick, percussion. Works included are Archipelago by Paul Bissell, Esprit Rude II/Esprit Doux II by Elliot Carter, Pipeaubec by Andre Jolivet, Movement of Varied Movements by Ralph Shapey, Still Life With Fruit by David Heuser, Asymptotes by Henri Lazarof, Silver Set by Hilton Jones, Four Phases for Three by Wesley Fuller, Pipe Dream for solo flute by Howard Buss, Night Soliloquy by Kent Kennan, Twilight Remembered by Daniel Adams.“The McCormick Duo seems to have carved out a unique corner for intelligent modern music, and it’s good to spend an hour there, in such varied, sophisticated company.” - Paul Ingram, Fanfare Magazine (May/June 2004) Pipe Dream Sound Samples: Excerpt 1.mp3, Excerpt 2.mp3, Excerpt 3.mp3

Twilight Remembered: The McCormick Duo Kim McCormick, flute & Robert McCormick, percussion. - CD, CD-106 $16.95

Double Take featuring Sheryl Linch, trumpet, and Don N. Parker, percussion. An exquisite recording which is a “must” for any serious trumpeter or percussionist. Included on the CD is Interplay for Trumpet and Percussion by Murray Houllif, Four Pieces for Trumpet and Marimba by Erwin Chandler, Sonata No. 2 by Anthony Cirone, Suite for Trumpet and Marimba by Alec Wilder, and Incantation for Trumpet and Percussion by Howard J. Buss   
Incantation Sound Samples:
Sound Sample#1.mp3, Sound Sample#2.mp3

Double Take CD, Sheryl Linch, trumpet, & Don Parker, percussion, CD-105 $16.95

  Night Thoughts and Fancies: "New Music for Flute and Piano" Capstone Records CD - features flutist Grzegorz Olkiewicz and pianist Gerald Ranck. Included are Fantasia and Rhapsody by Dinos Constantinides, Robert Frank's The Emergence of Night, Nocturne by Alan Schmitz, Images of Ancient Egypt by Walter Pappas, Free Fancy by Allen Molineux, Windhover by Hilary Tann, and The Signs of the Zodiac by Donna Kelly Eastman.

Night Thoughts and Fancies: "New Music for Flute and Piano" CD, CD-103 $16.95 

  Premiers, Vol. 1 features Kim McCormick on flute and the University of South Florida Percussion Ensemble. Included are Paul Reller’s Black Magic Flute, Robert Constable’s Crackhead, Hilton Jones’ Time Craft, James Lewis’ Dr. Time, Salty Fish Flesh by Brian Benscoter, and Howard BussMysterious Exit
Mysterious Exit Sound Samples:
Sound Sample#1.mp3, Sound Sample#2.mp3

PREMIERS, VOL.1 CD, CD-102 $18.95

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