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   Online catalog of concert music: solos, duos, chamber music & more!

Welcome clarinetists! We publish a wide selection of concert music for professional, student, and amateur musicians. These works have been chosen because of their extraordinary artistic significance and audience appeal. Our graded online catalog includes both original compositions and arrangements. Please use our secure shopping cart, shipping options available at checkout. Thank you for choosing Brixton Publications.

Clarinet/Bass Clarinet Sheet Music
Click on an instrumentation link, works are listed in alphabetical order within each category.

Solo clarinet - unaccompanied

Clarinet with one other instrument or voice (includes clarinet duos, clarinet and piano, clarinet & electronic recording, basset horn and piano, etc.)

Clarinet ensembles (includes clarinet trios, quartets, choirs)

Clarinet or bass clarinet solo with percussion ensemble

Clarinet in chamber music - trios

Clarinet in chamber music - quartets (includes standard woodwind quartets)

Clarinet in chamber music - quintets and sextets (includes standard wind quintets)

Clarinet and band (or wind ensemble)

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Clarinet Music, graded catalog of sheet music and secure online store rated 5/5 based on customer reviews. All music is in stock. Product description: Clarinet and bass clarinet sheet music: Solos (unaccompanied), Duos, Clarinet Ensembles, and Chamber Music.