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Flute or piccolo with one other instrument, or voice, or electronic recording (includes flute & piano) Works are in alphabetical order.

Alien Loop de Loops_flute ALIEN LOOP DE LOOPS for flute and electronic recording by Howard J. Buss is a fun, fantasy piece that appeals to a wide range of audiences. Buss envisioned a flutist playing during an air show by an alien craft. At first the flute is unaccompanied, but then is joined by the recording that includes traditional instruments, an "alien" voice, the spacecraft, and electronic effects. CD included. (6’47”)  Grade IV-V. Score sample: Excerpt.pdf
Sound samples: Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3.mp3; Excerpt 4 (ending).mp3

ALIEN LOOP DE LOOPS for flute & electronic recording (sheet music & CD) B446F $20.00

ALPINE SPRING (2008) for flute & harp by Howard J. Buss was composed for Italian flutist Elena Cecconi. Its Italian subtitle, Riflessi sul lago alpino, translates as “Alpine Lake Reflections” and is suggestive of the glorious awakening of Spring in the region south of the Dolomite Mountains in Italy. As one listens to this music it is easy to imagine the glistening reflections of the dramatic mountain peaks and vibrant green spring foliage in the lake. It is divided into 2 main parts. The first is introspective, at times mysterious, and suggests the alluring enchantment of dawn at the lake. The festive second part imixes Buss’ unique style of soaring lyricism with crisp, energetic rhythms and colorful harmonies. Alpine Spring received its world premier on May 10, 2008 in the Sala del Ridotto del Teatro Municipale in Piacenza, Italy by Elena Cecconi, flute and Paola Devoti, harp. (11'30") Grade V-VI.
Score Samples: Excerpt 1.pdf, Excerpt 2.pdf , Excerpt 3.pdf
Sound Samples: Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3.mp3; Excerpt 4 (ending).mp3
This work is recorded on the CD Flauto e arpa by Elena Cecconi and Paola Devoti on the Bottega Discantica (Italy) label BDI 187. This CD is imported by and available from Brixton Publications CD-113.
ALPINE SPRING for flute & harp (sheet music) B414 $20.00

THE ASPHALT BLANKET (1995) for narrator & alto flute (or C flute) by Howard J. Buss is the fifth movement of the large-scale composition Modern Times . This work is reflective and laments what is lost in the name of “progress” in the modern world. Recorded on the Capstone Records CD HOWARD J. BUSS:MODERN TIMES available from Brixton. Sound Sample.mp3 (3’10")
Grade V.

or to order offline THE ASPHALT BLANKET for narrator and alto flute (or C flute) B347 $3.95

CANTILENA for flute & viola by David Alpher. From the composer: “As its name suggests, Cantilena is all about singing, lyric lines. It’s a songlike dialogue, with contrasting tempi. While melodies are hardly foreign to either instrument, the viola-in the chamber literature and especially the symphonic literature-has had a surfeit of accompanimental, supporting figures. This unthrilling role is kept to a bare minimum in Cantilena. I tried to create a genuine duo, a give-and-take aural relationship between two beautiful instruments that rarely have the whole stage to themselves.” Cantilena was commissioned by flutist Sally Schlichting and was premiered by her and violist Sam Williams in November 2005. (5’30”) Grade IV-V. B112 $12.00
Sound samples: Excerpt_1.mp3; Excerpt_2.mp3
CANTILENA for flute & viola B112, $12.00

CHUTZPAH! (2008) (pronounced “hoots’-pa”) for piccolo & piano by Howard Buss is dedicated to flutist/piccoloist John Bailey. As the title suggests, this energetic work is flamboyant and at times audacious. It is a rousing “tour de force” characterized by exciting contrasts, zesty rhythms, and passages featuring elaborate and dashing technical prowess. This makes a great concert feature, contest piece, and is an excellent choice for an audition showpiece. Chutzpah! received its premier performance by John Bailey, piccolo, and pianist Robert Fountain on January 23, 2008 at the University of Nebraska, Omaha. Finalist in the 2010 Newly-Published Competition of the National Flute Association. (5'40")  
Grade V. Score sample: Excerpt.pdf
 Sound samples: Excerpt 1(the opening).mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3, Excerpt 3.mp3; Excerpt 4 (the ending).mp3
Chutzpah! YouTube Video

CHUTZPAH! for piccolo & piano B412  $16.50

DISCOURSE by Edward Troupin, in versions for flute & trombone, flute and bassoon, and flute & horn. Edward Troupin (1925-2004) enjoyed an international reputation as a composer of instrumental music. Throughout his long and illustrious career as a professor of music at Ithaca College and later the University of Florida, he inspired numerous young composers. He received his bachelor’s degree from Harvard University with a major in mathematics. Later he earned his master of music degree from the University of Michigan, where he studied with Ross Lee Finney. Troupin’s sound-world is dramatic and full of vitality. This duo is in 5 short movements: Assertion, Reflection, Eulogy, Fantasy, and Comedy. The colorful and contrasting sections combine in charming balance to make a memorable concert feature. Grade V. Duration: @8 minutes.
Sound samples, flute/trombone version: Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3.mp3; Score: sample.pdf
Sound samples, flute/bassoon version: Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3.mp3; Score: sample.pdf
Sound samples, flute/horn version: Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3.mp3; Score: sample.pdf

DISCOURSE flute & trombone, 2 scores included, B704 $12.00
DISCOURSE flute & bassoon, 2 scores included, B705 $12.00
DISCOURSE flute & horn, 2 scores included, B706 $12.00

DIVERSIONS for flute & trombone duo by Howard J. Buss. The 4 movements  are programmatic in a general way. First Impressions is a friendly musical conversation reflecting the ebb and flow of ideas that two people may exchange and develop when meeting the first time. The music has an easygoing quality with the discourse becoming quite excited at times. The Challenge begins with a flute cadenza that highlights  the agility the instrument with rapid tonguing, quick dashes of sound, and trills. When the trombonist enters  and demonstrates to the surprised flutist the ability to execute similar passages also with agility and finesse, it becomes apparent that a challenge has been issued.  For the remainder of the movement the two players try to impress one another with their individual technical prowess.  The manner in which the two finish the movement together suggests the contest is a draw. By Starlight has a beautiful, romantic atmosphere: The lyricism is  woven into a predominately consonant harmonic tapestry that at times melts into poignant dissonance. By contrast, the freewheeling final movement, Carnival, is bright and exuberant. (12’30”) Grade V-VI.  YouTube video
Score samples (pdfs) - movement: 1, 1A, 2, 3
DIVERSIONS for flute & trombone, B420  $20.00

DRAGON FLIGHT (2009, re-edited 2011) for flute & piano by Howard J. Buss is a colorful, engaging work that evokes a fantasy world in which a dragon awakens and takes flight. Written for flutist Marianne Gedigian, this high-powered work is a "must." The musical language is sophisticated, yet because of the work's programmatic nature and the music's vivid and intense character, Dragon Flight works beautifully with all types of audiences, including those of children. If you are looking for a work that can showcase your technical prowess and musicality to dazzle an audience - this is it! Finalist in the 2012 Newly-Published Music Contest of the National Flute Association. (6'20") Grade V.
Sound Samples: Excerpt 1.mp3, Excerpt 2.mp3 Recorded on the CD Flute & Piano - La Bottega Discantica (Milan, Italy) BDI 237  by Elena Cecconi, flauto and Federico Brunello, piano, available from Brixton Publications. Score: Sample.png
DRAGON FLIGHT for flute & piano, B417 $16.50 

 THE EMERGENCE OF NIGHT (1992) for flute & piano (with an optional double on celesta) by Robert Frank. This beautiful work follows the form of the poem The Emergence of Night, also written by the composer. Throughout the composition the flute sound “emerges” from sustained piano sonorities. Like the poem, the music presents an allegory of approaching and passing over the brink of death in the symbolism of daytime fading into night. Recorded on the CD (available from Brixton Publications) Night Thoughts and Fancies (6’30”) Grade IV.
Sound Sample: Excerpt.mp3
THE EMERGENCE OF NIGHT for flute & piano, B711  $10.00

EXCURSIONS (2004) for flute & piano by Roger Vogel. An “excursion” is a pleasure trip that often deviates, or digresses, from a direct or definite course. This work consists of 2 movements with a clear overall form and a few surprises. The first movement has a fast tempo and extraverted mood. The second movement consists of a beautiful slow section with a fast and vibrant finale. (18') Grade V.
Sound samples: Movement 1.mp3; Movement 2.mp3; Movement 2.mp3
EXCURSIONS for flute & piano, B924FP $20.00

FANTASIA FOR FLUTE AND PIANO by Marc Douyon is in 2 movements: Bluebird begins as a ballad, with a lyrical melody and jazzy figures. But soon after, it assumes the character of an improvisation with heavy chords, a sultry bass, and new tempo. Meter changes are frequent and Bluebird ends as a short jazz waltz. The second movement, Elegant Waltz, is a continuation of the jazz waltz idea from the previous movement. Its music prominently features intriguing syncopated rhythms, and charming, lilting melodic phrases. (5’15”) Grade IV. B155 $12.50
Sound samples: Excerpt 1.mp3); Excerpt 2.mp3 - Score: sample.png
Fantasia for Flute and Piano, B155 $12.50

FANTASIE (2006) for flute & piano by Howard J. Buss was composed for Amy Porter and is in 2 interconnected movements. The first begins with a mysterious monologue by the flutist with brilliant arabesque passages contrasted with subtle shadings of tone through the use of delicate dynamic nuances, tremolos, and flutter tonguing. As the piano enters, the ambience of the music shifts to one of nostalgic lyricism. The exciting second movement is moody, turbulent, and features a dance-like section influenced by jazz and Latin music. At times the music alludes to the pensive lyricism of the first movement; however, the general thrust of the second movement is one of compelling intensity and energy. The work ends with a rousing finale as the Latin-infused dance returns. (11’) Grade V-VI.
Sound samples: Excerpt 1(the opening).mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3.mp3; Excerpt 4.mp3; Excerpt 5 (the ending).mp3
is recorded on the CD Fantaisie by DUX Records of Warsaw Poland. The performers are Agata Igras-Sawicka on flute and Mariusz Rutkowski on piano. (DUX 0658)
Score sample: Excerpt.pdf
FANTASIE for flute & piano, B408  $16.00

Flute Pizzazz_Buss_coverFLUTE PIZZAZZ (2017) for flute and piano by Howard J. Buss is dedicated to Nora Lee Garcia. This one-movement work is divided into 2 main parts. The first juxtaposes tender and forceful passages creating a moody sonic tapestry. The second and more extended part is in A-B-A form. Dance-like sections are separated by a developmental segment reminiscent of the atmosphere of the first part of the composition. Flute Pizzazz incorporates several colorful effects such as jet whistles, tongue pizzicato, and flutter tonguing.  Score and part included. (6’30”) Grade V.
Sound Samples: Excerpt 1 (the beginning).mp3, Excerpt 2.mp3, Excerpt 3.mp3 - Score: sample.pdf
FLUTE PIZZAZZ for flute and piano, score & part B471 $16.00

THE FROG, HE FLY...ALMOST (2000) for high voice (soprano or tenor) and alto flute by Roger C. Vogel is an entertaining and humorous look at the amazing amphibian. (5') Grade V.  
Text: The Frog, He Fly...Almost (Anonymous)
What a wonderful bird the frog are--
When he stand he sit almost;
When he hop, he fly almost.
He ain’t got no sense hardly;
He ain’t got no tail hardly either.
When he sit, he sit on what he ain’t got almost.
     Score sample: Excerpt.pdf
THE FROG, HE FLY...ALMOST for high voice & alto flute B914  $10.00

Fragments of Your Ancient Name  coverFRAGMENTS OF YOUR ANCIENT NAME “Five Meditations on the Divine” for high voice and flute by Roger C. Vogel.The 5 songs may be sung individually or in small groups. Alternate notes are indicated for a medium voice. Throughout different cultures the divine is experienced in many ways, and it is known by many names. This workcontains 5 inspirational responses to different aspects of the divine: Morning Star, Krishna, Door, Ocean of Joy, and Lord of the Dance. (12’30”) Grade IV-V.          Score samples (pdf)
YouTube Videos: Mvt.1, Mvt.2, Mvt.3, Mvt.4, Mvt. 5
or to order offline Fragments of Your Ancient Name, for high voice & flute, B943 $20.00

INNER QUEST (2011) for flute & harp by Howard J. Buss was written for the Italian duo of Elena Cecconi, flute, and Paola Devoti, harp. This beautiful composition captures a wide range of emotions. The character and musical development is analogous to the train of thoughts and feelings one may experience during a spell of internal dialog.
(7') Grade V-VI.  

Score sample: Excerpt.pdf
Sound Samples: Excerpt 1 (the opening).mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3 (the ending).mp3
INNER QUEST for flute & harp, B422 $20.00  

KALEIDOSCOPE (1988) for flute & one percussion by Howard J. Buss. This colorful “theme” and variations was written for the McCormick Duo. The theme is actually a distinctive rhythmic pattern which is varied in a manner similar to the transformation of images as seen through a kaleidoscope. Both performers have an equally important role in presenting themusical material - this is a true chamber work.The instrumentation includes marimba, bells, 2 suspended cymbals, temple blocks, bell tree, and tambourine. (8’) Grade IV-V. 
Sound Samples: Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3.mp3
KALEIDOSCOPE for flute & one percussion, B323  $12.00  

LULLABYE FOR BEAR FLUTE & GUITAR COVERLULLABYE FOR BEAR by Lee Heritage was composed at the request of Samuel Adler and was first performed as a postlude to a lecture he presented at the Brevard Music Center in the summer of 1977. The performers at the premiere performance were flutist Amy Heritage and pianist Andrew Cooperstock. Later, Dr. Heritage created a version of this work for flute and guitar. In 1997 Lullabye for Bear won second place in the Composer’s Guild Music for Children composition competition. The reviewer wrote: “This is a beautiful work that is appealing and well constructed. The composer uses conservative modern materials in a fresh manner in the spirit of children with limited technical difficulties. Delightful!”
Grade III. (3’30”)  Sound samples: flute & piano version Excerpt.mp3 - flute & guitar version Excerpt.mp3
LULLABYE FOR BEAR version for flute & piano, B725  $8.95 
LULLABYE FOR BEAR version for flute & guitar, B725G  $10.00 

LYRIC SONATA for flute & piano by Randall Snyder, written for John Bailey, combines traditional forms with neo Romantic melody and harmony. While at times paying subtle homage to Old World masters such as Prokofiev, Shostokovich and Martinu, the intriguing use of jazz inflections gives the work a distinctively American flavor.
(15’)  Grade V. Sound Samples: Movement 1.mp3; Movement 2.mp3; Movement 3.mp3

LYRIC SONATA for flute & piano, B814 $18.50 

Moon Glow coverMOON GLOW(2015) for flute and piano by Howard J. Buss captures the beauty and enchantment of a moonlit evening. Contrasting sections encapsulate varied moods suggested by moon glow on different surfaces: snow, water, and the eyes of a person gazing at the sky. At times the moonlight is bright and clear, and sometimes it is muted as if being veiled by passing clouds. The effect creates a magical and contemplative sonic atmosphere. It is dedicated to flutist Elena Cecconi who recorded it on the CD “Sognado lo Spazio” - Urania Records Available from Brixton CD-118 (5’)
Grade IV-V. Sound samples: Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3 - Score sample: Opening.jpeg
MOON GLOW for flute and piano, sheet music B451 $10.00

MYTHIC QUEST (2000) in versions for flute & soprano sax and flute & clarinet by Roger C. Vogel. In mythology there are numerous stories of quests. Heroes such as Perseus, Hercules, Theseus, Jason, and others undertook missions of great importance during which they risked their lives, encountered strange creatures, and had many adventures. Mythic Quest seeks to capture the urgency, excitement,, and drama of such a journey. The flute and clarinet, equal partners, pursue each other with animated motives throughout the musical adventure. This exciting work contains three main sections: a fast, vigorous opening gives way to a more relaxed mood before the quest is concluded with a return to an increasingly resolute version of the opening ideas. “A great recital piece!” (9’) Grade IV-V.
Flute and sax version sound sample: Excerpt.mp3
MYTHIC QUEST flute & soprano sax, B917  $16.50
MYTHIC QUEST flute and clarinet B918  $16.50 

PAS DE DEUX for flute & trombone by Roger Vogel is an engaging suite in four movements: Fandango, Siciliana, Basse Danse, and Saltarello.  (9’) Grade IV-V.
Sound sample: Excerpt.mp3

PAS DE DEUX for flute & trombone, B930  $16.00


PAS DE DEUX for flute & bassoon by Roger Vogel is an engaging suite in 4 movements: Fandango, Siciliana, Basse Danse, and Saltarello.   (9’)   Grade V.

PAS DE DEUX for flute & bassoon, B930A  $16.00

PHOENIX (1986) by in versions for flute and violin and flute and cello by Haskell Small. This dynamic duo was inspired by the story of the Phoenix in ancient Egyptian mythology. "Haskell Small has been hailed by the Washington Post for his "rich imagination and assured mastery." ”Sparkling, a fabulous showpiece!” Recorded by Virginia Nanzetta, flute and Sydney Harth, violin on the CD “25 Preludes” on Northeastern Records Classical Arts NR-242-CD. (10’30”) Grade V.
Version for flute and violin Sound Sample.mp3
PHOENIX flute and violin, B601  $16.50  
PHOENIX flute and cello, B602  $16.50

REMEMBERING RIVERS (1995) for narrator & flute by Randall Snyder is a setting of Esther McCloud’s poignant tribute to Douglas Dyer, who died of AIDS , and is intended as a memorial to all of the victims of the disease. The poem’s principle riverine metaphor is mirrored by the flute’s constant serpentine line that ebbs and flows with the intensity of the words. (5’) Grade V.  
Sound Sample: Excerpt.mp3
REMEMBERING RIVERS for narrator & flute, B813  $10.00

RHAPSODY AND ALLEGRO (2000) for piccolo & harp by Robert Frank. The first movement alternates between free, cadenza-like material and metered, coordinated passages. The second is playful with soaring, lyrical melodies. Commissioned for Diane Boyd, premiered at the 2000 N.F.A. Convention. (8’)
Grade V.
Sound Samples:
Movement 1, Excerpt.mp3; Movement 2, Excerpt (the ending).mp3

RHAPSODY AND ALLEGRO for piccolo & harp, B712  $20.00

SCENES FROM THE HOLY LAND (2002) for flute and one percussion by Howard J. Buss was inspired by the composer’s two trips to the Middle East. Cast in 5 colorful and picturesque movements:
I. Masada  (3:05)    Sound sample, movement 1.mp3 - Score: sample.pdf
II. Storm on Mount Sinai (3:10)    Sound sample, movement 2.mp3 - Score: sample.pdf
III. The Flock by the Sea of Galilee (2:25)  Sound sample, movement 3.mp3 - Score: sample.pdf
IV. Jordan Valley Enchantment (2:30)   Sound sample, movement 4.mp3 - Score: sample.pdf
V. The Road to Jerusalem (4:20)   Sound sample, movement 5.mp3 - Score: sample.pdf
This work was commissioned for the McCormick Duo and the 30th Anniversary of the National Flute Association. Percussion instruments: Marimba, suspended cymbal, tambourine, bongos, wood block, wind chimes, and agogo bells. (15'30") Grade V.  
“The opening section of Masada presents angular solos against percussion accents, with ascending legato passages for the flute. The music turns more florid and Middle-Eastern in style before a peaceful coda. Storm on Mount Sinai offers sharply rhythmic music accented with tambourine and a more febrile bazaar-like flute writing. The Flock by the Sea of Galilee contains an oddly memorable five-note percussion motif under a lovely bucolic flute theme. The Road to Jerusalem makes a haunting finale with elaborate passages against pulsating percussion. Scenes from the Holy Land is an effective and colorful work with deftly varied music and tackled by the musicians with skill and understated virtuosity Buss’ intimate style requires. It makes its effects with point and economy and would be a boon to flute and percussion duos searching for program material.” - The Gramophone, April 2005Recorded on the Capstone Records CD HOWARD J. BUSS:MODERN TIMES available from Brixton.
SCENES FROM THE HOLY LAND for flute & one percussion, B377 $22.00 
SEASIDE REFLECTIONS (1993)in versions for flute & piano and flute & harp by Howard J. Buss captures the serenity of musing by the sea. On the preface page to the score is printed the following free verse by the composer. It is suggested that the poem be narrated immediately before the performance and/or printed in the program notes to set the mood for the music:“On the shore of eternity swirling currents of liquid chaos gather for and disperse as foam. As rock wears to sand all dissonance transforms to serenity. Time presses no longer.” This is a memorable recital piece with real audience appeal. Grade III. (7’50")
Seaside Reflections
(flute & harp) Sound samples: Excerpt 1.mp3, Excerpt 2.mp3
Sound samples (flute & piano): Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3.mp3
Score Samples: Flute & piano.pdf; Flute & harp.pdf
SEASIDE REFLECTIONS flute & piano, B338  $12.00
SEASIDE REFLECTIONS flute & harp, B338H  $12.00

SIRENS (1996) for flute & alto flute (or two C flutes) by Roger C. Vogel was composed for flutist Ronald Waln. As the title suggests, the work is suggestive of the irresistible music produced the mythological Sirens, partly bird and partly human creatures. The flute is especially suited for this purpose since the Sirens were often depicted playing wind instruments as well as singing. The opening measures of the work feature in a prominent way the descending augmented second and semitones that were characteristic of the Ancient Greek chromatic scale. (7’)
Grade IV.
Sound Sample: Excerpt.mp3 A video of 2 dancers performing with the music can be viewed on YouTube
SIRENS for flute & alto flute (or two C flutes), B905 $8.95

Six Dialogues coverSIX DIALOGUES “Reflections on Plato” for flute and horn by Roger C. Vogel. Few other authors in the history of Western philosophy can compare with Plato in the depth and range of his work. His dialogues have long highly esteemed in their treatment of justice, virtue, and love, as well as political, religious, and other social concerns. Socrates is most often the protagonist in the dialogues with his dialectic method of inquiry, a rigorous conversation consisting of short questions that lead to the heart of any matter. At odds with Socrates are the sophists, teachers whose mastery of rhetoric, the art of persuasion, seeks to convince the listeners to accept their propositions without critical inquiry. Each of the Six Dialogues is a reflection on one aspect of Plato’s dialogues: The Dialectic, Hymn to Love, Virtue, Rhetoric, Justice, and The Sophists. Two scores are included. (16’) Grade V.
Sound Samples: Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3, Excerpt 3.mp3; Excerpt 4.mp3
SIX DIALOGUES for flute and horn, 2 scores included B960 $16.50

SKY BLOSSOMS (1998) for flute & one percussion by Howard J. Buss is a dramatic work during which both performers for recite the text during performance. Mystical and lyrical sections contrast with intense and explosive passages. The instrumentation includes vibes, bells, roto toms, bass drum, tambourine, cowbell, cymbals, wind chimes, bell tree, tam-tam, temple blocks, maracas and a lion roar. Commissioned for and premiered by Connie and Brandie Lane.  (7’30”) Grade V-VI.
score sample.pdf;  performance notes.pdf
SKY BLOSSOMS for flute & one percussion, B361 $20.00

STELLAR VISIONS (2005) for flute & marimba by Howard J. Buss was written during the Winter of 2005 and is dedicated to the McCormick Duo: Kim McCormick, flute, and Robert McCormick, percussion. This colorful, engaging work juxtaposes mystical, lyrical, and energetic sections in a manner analogous to the ebb and flow of emotions experienced by the composer during meditation on the awesome grandeur of a starry night. From mystical, quiet murmurings to intense and brilliant forte passages, the music showcases the great expressive range of the flute and marimba duo. (8'04" Grade V.  Sound Sample#1.mp3; Sound Sample#2.mp3
Recorded on the CD McDuo Works for Flute and Percussion by the McCormick Duo (Kim McCormick, flute and Robert McCormick, percussion). Score sample: Excerpt.pdf
STELLAR VISIONS for flute and marimba, B397  $16.00  

Summer Rain for flute and piano SUMMER RAIN for flute and piano by Lee Heritage. Lush harmonic language and toccata-like textures invoke the shifting moods of a summer storm in this new work by Lee Heritage.  A lyrical prelude opens the piece with an ascending flute melody and gentle cross rhythms in the piano hinting at the storm to come.  A cloudburst interrupts this Adagio with running sixteenths in the flute punctuated by syncopated chords in the piano.  A dialogue of sixteenth notes between flute and piano moves forward with optimistic energy until dissolving into a return of the prelude.  This piece is an excellent choice as a recital opener. (4’) Grade IV. Score sample.pdf
Sound samples: Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3 - Video

SUMMER RAIN for flute & piano (socre & part) B730 $8.95
Temperaments by Vogel for flute and saxTemperaments by Vogel for flute and Bb clarinettemperaments by Vogel for flute and bass clarinetTEMPERAMENTS (2015) by Roger C. Vogel. The title refers to the mental, physical, and emotional traits of a person as manifested by peculiarities of feeling, temper, action, etc. The five movements illustrate various types of traits or feelings: Searching (3’10”), Wavering (3’), Pursuing (2’40”), Floating (2’45”), and Quivering (2’55”). The movements may be play individually or in any grouping. The players read from score, two scores are provided.  Duration: @ 14’30” with no pauses. Grade V. Score sample (flute & sax version).pdf

Temperaments - version for flute and alto saxophone B941S $20.00
Temperaments - version for flute and Bb clarinet B941C $20.00
Temperaments - version for flute and bass clarinet B941B $20.00

TIME CAPSULE (1996) by Howard J. Buss is a sonatina in 4 movements: Daybreak has a frolicking and optimistic character. Chorale breaks with the traditional structure of the chorale in that each phrase gets a measure longer. Rendezvous, is in a lilting 6/8 and "works up a lather" as it progresses to an exciting climax. Homeward Bound begins with a fanfare-like passage that gives way to a spirited dance characterized by an intriguing interplay between the two instruments. (7’) Grade IV-V.
Time Capsule for flute & clarinet sound samples: Movement 1.mp3; Movement 2.mp3;
Movement 3.mp3; Movement 4.mp3 - View on YouTube (flute & clarinet version)
TIME CAPSULE for flute & alto flute (or two C flutes) B349  $8.95
TIME CAPSULE for flute & Bb clarinet B350  $8.95
TIME CAPSULE for flute (or piccolo) & trumpet (or cornet), B350T  $8.95

TWILIGHT REFLECTIONS (2001) for flute & guitar by Roger Vogel, written for the Helios Duo.The lyrical nature of the music suggests images of fading light after sunset reflected on water or glass, and also refers to evening thoughts, perhaps at times dramatic ones. (8’) Grade V.  
Sound Samples:
Excerpt 1 (the opening).mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3.mp3
TWILIGHT REFLECTIONS for flute and guitar, B919  $10.00

TWIN MOONS (1997) for flute & clarinet by Roger C. Vogel. The title refers to the moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos, which are quite different in appearance and the speed of their orbits. Phobos is rugged with many large impact craters and completes its orbit in only 7 hours. Deimos is smooth and takes almost 30 hours to orbit Mars.This composition is suggestive of the interweaving paths of these two celestial bodies as seen from the surface of Mars.
Sound Sample.mp3  (6’) Grade IV.
TWIN MOONS for flute & clarinet, B911  $8.95 

TWO POEMS (1992) for flute and guitar by Lee Heritage was inspired by two poems by Emily Dickinson: This - is the land - the Sunset washes - and Wild Nights. Winner of the 1998 Newly-Published Music Contest of the National Flute Association. (6’30”) Grade IV.  
Sound Samples: Excerpt, Movement 1.mp3; Excerpt, Movement 2.mp3
TWO POEMS for flute & guitar, B722  $12.00

Vibrant Horizons coverVIBRANT HORIZONS for flute and piano by Howard J. Buss was composed for flutist Brian Luce in the autumn of 2017. While not referring to any one individual in particular, this work is suggestive of a person’s journey from one reality to another. It is in 3 movements: New Beginnings (5’15”) has an optimistic character, and the spirited thrust of the music projects movement in a hopeful and positive direction. The contemplative second movement, Old Thoughts (5’45”), juxtaposes beautiful, atmospheric sections with brooding passages, as if to suggest a tension between desirable elements of the past with those that prompted the individual to seek new horizons. The final movement, Circles (6’30”), addresses the fact that once one is settled into a new situation, routines develop. When viewed over time these routines often resemble circular patterns. Score & part included. (17’30”) Grade V.
Sound Samples: Movement 1: 1.mp3, 2.mp3, 3.mp3; Movement 2: 1.mp3, 2.mp3; Movement 3, 1.mp3, 2.mp3, 3.mp3
Score sample pdfs: Movement: 1, 2 ,3

This work is also published in a version for Flute and Wind Ensemble

VIBRANT HORIZONS for flute & piano, B474 $20.00

WAVE TRAIN (1990) by Howard J. Buss. The interaction of the lyrical melodies in this beautiful and often performed work is reminiscent of the patterns created by intermingling waves on the surface of water. Recorded on the CD "Premiers Plus One" by the McCormick Duo, available from HoneyRock. This is an attractive feature number which also works well as a contest piece. (6’15”) Grade IV-V.
version for flute & marimba Sound Samples #1.mp3; #2.mp3
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WAVE TRAIN for flute & marimba, B343  $12.00
WAVE TRAIN for flute & piano, B344  $12.00
WAVE TRAIN for flute & guitar, B345  $12.00

WIND SONGS (2005) for flute/alto flute & oboe/English horn by Howard J. Buss is a charming and vivid duo for performers who like substantial, yet audience-friendly music. This colorful work is in three movements: Zephyrs. Whispers Amid the Pines, and Harbinger of the Storm. (8’15”) Grade V.
Score sample: Mvt. 1 “Zephyrs”.pdf
Score sample: Mvt. 2 “Whispers Amid the Pines”.pdf
Score sample: Mvt. 3 “Harbinger of the Storm”.pdf
WIND SONGS for flute/alto flute & oboe/English horn, B400 $18.50

WINTER SUN (1996) for flute & guitar by Roger C. Vogel. This charming work reflects the hope radiating from the sun on a long Winter’s day. (6’) Grade IV.
Sound Samples: Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3
WINTER SUN for flute & guitar, B907  $10.00 

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