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Solo flute - unaccompanied  Works are in alphabetical order, durations are in parenthesis:

A Day in the City coverA DAY IN THE CITY “7 Vignettes” (1986) for solo flute by Howard J. Buss. These musical scenes from the city are excellent study and recital pieces. Each of the 7 movements depict an experience the composer had one day during a visit to New York City. Another Sunrise, Off to a Busy Day, The Lost Key Episode, The Waitin' in Line Blues, Romantic Interlude, Sudden Storm, and Out on the Town. "Tonal, charming and imaginative! The low purchase price and the incisive approach of a skilled composer make this a piece worth seeking out.”- PMEA News (10’) Grade IV.  
Listen on YouTube - Score sample: Excerpts.pdf

 A DAY IN THE CITY for solo flute, B301F $6.95 

Anne of the Waves coverANNE OF THE WAVES (2018) for solo flute by Howard J. Buss was commissioned by Paul McReynolds for Anne Marie McReynolds. The 3 movements, From the Waves, Dreaming, and Glistening, explore a wide array of moods and sonic atmospheres ranging from the mystical, to the contemplative, to soaring, vibrant passages. A common rhythmic thread in the musical tapestry is adaptation of “Anne of the Waves” as expressed in Morse Code. The use of code refers to the fact that both Anne and Paul McReynolds are airplane pilots and that Morse Code is still used today in aviation. The rhythms in the music derived from code appear in a variety of contexts, such as sections in a lilting 6/8, a flowing waltz, and in a more abstract, sparkling way in the final movement. However, it is not necessary to know Morse Code to enjoy this work. Musically, the rhythms resulting from its use serve as a unifying factor throughout.
(7’45”) Grade IV-V. Score sample: Excerpts.pdf
Sound samples: Movement 1.mp3, Movement 2.mp3, Movement 3.mp3

ANNE OF THE WAVES for solo flute, B478 $8.50

Dream of Naksongdae coverDREAM OF NAKSONGDAE (1993, revised 2005) for solo flute by Randall Snyder. The composer lived in Naksongdae, South Korea during the summer of 1993 and conceived the work while studying the Taegum, the bamboo transverse flute so important to Korean traditional music, with Lee Sang Won at the Korean Traditional Performing Arts Institute. This work was originally written for the Taegum, and now transcribed for the modern flute, still retains the flavor of the Korean instrument through the various use of vibrato, microtonal shadings, and glissandi. (6’) Grade V. YouTube video

DREAM OF NAKSONGDAE for solo flute, B815 $6.95

Hurricane! coverHURRICANE! for solo flute by Howard J. Buss was written in October of 2004 immediately after the Florida composer personally experienced the wrath of 3 major hurricanes over a span of 6 weeks. The four movements juxtapose serene passages with intense and violent sections. The overall form is analogous to the sequence of events that occur during the approach and passing of a hurricane. The movements are: The Approach (1’45”), The First Wave (1’35”), The Eye (1’50”), and The Second Wave (1’35”). Total Performance Time: @ 6’35”  Grade V.
Sound Samples: Movement 1.mp3, Movement 2.mp3, Movement 3.mp3, Movement 4.mp3
This work is recorded on the CD Flauto solo by Elena Cecconi on the Bottega Discantica (Italy) label BDI 187. Score sample: Excerpts.pdf

HURRICANE! for solo flute, B391 $8.95

JALS (just a little something) coverJALS (just a little something) for solo flute by Allen Molineux, in 3 movements: Rag, Blues, and Swing. The composer states, “I decided to write it after reading a flutist's call for scores. It was mentioned in it that she liked playing blues and swing and that the work should be no more than fives minutes in duration. Initially, I wanted to have a slow blues movement followed by a fast swing, but soon realized that a spirited opener was needed before getting to the slow blues. That meant creating a three movement set with each being approximately a minute and a half long. The melodic, harmonic and rhythmic essences of each movement's traditional style are co-mingled with those of my own, which hopefully produces a fresh, yet familiar feel.”  (5’35”) Grade V.  
Sound samples: Movement 1.mp3, Movement 2.mp3, Movement 3.mp3

JALS (just a little something) for solo flute, B771 $8.50

Oracle coverORACLE (1999) for solo alto flute by Roger C. Vogel. The title is a reflection of the serious mood of the work and is intended to represent the intensity and increasing animation that a prophet might have in presenting his/her message. This composition is an impressive showcase for the alto flute. (9’15”) Grade V.
Sound Sample: Excerpt.mp3

ORACLE for solo flute, B913 $8.95 

Pipe Dream coverPIPE DREAM (1992) for solo flute by Howard J. Buss was written for Kim McCormick. While composing this contemplative piece the composer envisioned a setting in which a person is meditating in a forest on a sunny afternoon. Compositionally, actual bird calls are interjected to present new melodic and rhythmic ideas and influence the overall development of the work. This device also symbolically represents how environmental sounds can be suggestive and influence thought patterns. Finalist in the 1993 Newly-Published Music Competition of the National Flute Association.- "A warm, leisurely exploration of hot, lazy sensations". - Paul Ingram, Fanfare Magazine (May/June 2004) Recorded on the CD Twilight Remembered available from Brixton (6’25")  Grade V.
Sound Samples: Excerpt 1.mp3, Excerpt 2.mp3, Excerpt 3.mp3 -  YouTube video

PIPE DREAMfor solo flute, B331 $6.95

Solos for Cel and Rem_fluteSOLOS FOR CELEBRATIONS AND REMEMBRANCES for solo flute by Roger C. Vogel is a collection of 12 short songs for special occasions: two for birthdays, three for weddings, two for remembrances, one for an anniversary, and one each for Irish, Jewish and Italian celebrations. This is a fun and practical  “must” for all flutists to have in their repertoire. Grade III-IV. Score sample: Excerpts.pdf


Space Renaissance Suite coverSPACE RENAISSANCE SUITE (2013) for solo flute by Howard J. Buss is dedicated to the renowned Italian flutist, Elena Cecconi. It was inspired by the tenets of the Space Renaissance Initiative, which is dedicated to influencing world opinion to support space travel and to “lift humanity from the cradle of the Earth.” The 4 movements explore imaginary scenarios one may experience during future space travel and the colonization of distant worlds. Through the Portal and Alien Storm musically depict one’s first glimpses of an alien world. Introspection and Reaching Beyond address the intriguing opposing mental capacities that allow a human being to tap into his/her inner self to connect with the universe, and also to kindle the desire to reach outward to new adventures and exploration. (7'45") Grade V. Score sample: Excerpts.pdf

Sound samples: Movement 1.mp3; Movement 2 mp3; Movement 3.mp3; Movement 4.mp3

SPACE RENAISSANCE SUITE for solo flute, B436 $8.95

Venetian Memoirs coverVENETIAN MEMOIRS (2010) for solo flute Howard J. Buss is a "tour de force" dedicated to the acclaimed Italian flutist, Elena Cecconi. Based on the composer's experiences in Venice, it is divided into 3 movements: "PrimoMattino (Early Morning), "Scene di Strada (Sidewalk Scenes)" and "Il Treno del Ritorno (The Train Ride Home)." The character of the music coupled with the inclusion of numerous mini-quotes from Italian folk songs and composers such as Offenbach, Paganini, Palestrina, Rossini, and Vivaldi make this an audience-friendly work. (12')  Grade V-VI. Score sample: Excerpts.pdf

Sound Samples: Movement 1.mp3; Movement 2.mp3; Movement 3.mp3

VENETIAN MEMOIRS for solo flute, B419 $10.00

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