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Solo oboe, unaccompanied:

A DAY IN THE CITY “7 Vignettes” (1986) for solo oboe by Howard J. Buss. These colorful musical scenes from the city are excellent study and recital pieces. Each of the 7 movements depict an experience the composer had one day in during a visit to New York City. Another Sunrise (based on an early morning excursion to Central Park to witness the rising of the sun over the buildings); Off to a Busy Day (driving in heavy traffic, zigzagging around to avoid "crazy" drivers); The Lost Key Episode (the composer lost his car keys, but the key of the music is lost too); The Waitin' in Line Blues (an actual blues progression during which the performer alternates between playing with a straight tone and a heavy, obnoxious "corny" vibrato to show frustration at being stuck in a slow-moving line); Romantic Interlude (a beautiful, melodious and flowing waltz); Sudden Storm (getting caught up in a raging thunderstorm); and Out on the Town (has a cheerful Latin feel and breaks into swing as it reaches its climax). "Tonal, charming and imaginative! The low purchase price and the incisive approach of a skilled composer make this a piece worth seeking out.”- PMEA News (10’) Grade IV. B301 $6.95

A DAY IN THE CITY solo oboe, B301 $6.95

PROKOFIEV (2012) for solo oboe by Ashley Floyd. The composer writes, "Prokofiev composed some of my favorite excerpts for the oboe (The Love for Three Oranges, Peter and the Wolf, and the First Symphony come immediately to mind) and my piece is a homage to the great master." The work is built on two contrasting ideas. The first consists of short, violent outbursts based around the E-flat minor chord. These snippets of the E-flat minor triad are changed one pitch at a time, leading the harmony toward more distant and dissonant tonal areas. As these small outbursts grow more urgent, they gradually give way to longer note values transforming the music from menacing to a sweeter, more lyrical style. These two styles fight for prominence. The lyrical music seems to win out until the exciting climax during which the E-flat minor triad returns as a full two-octave arpeggio before breaking apart again into the agitated opening material. (3'30") Grade V-VI.  
Sound sample: http://soundcloud.com/ashleyfloyd/prokofiev
PROKOFIEV solo oboe, B950 $6.95  

Solos for Cel and Rem_oboeSOLOS FOR CELEBRATIONS AND REMEMBRANCES for solo oboe by Roger C. Vogel is a collection of 12 short songs for special occasions: 2 for birthdays, 3 for weddings, 2 for remembrances, one for an anniversary, and one each for Irish, Jewish and Italian celebrations. This is a fun and practical  “must” for all oboists to have in their repertoire. Grade III-IV. B948  $12.50


Two oboes                                                                                                                     (Top of Page)

TWEET FOR TWO (1998) for two oboes by Haskell Small was composed for Dan Doesher and Jeanine Reinier. This duo began as a light-hearted “Suite for Two” and evolved into a sparkling, engaging rondo. Written in the composer's assessible, lyrical style, there are hints of Shostakovich, including a tune also quoted by the Russian master, Tea for Two. Sound Sample.mp3 Recorded on the 4-Tay CD 4020 “Twisted Pine Branch” (4’30”) Grade V-VI.

TWEET FOR TWO two oboes,  B606  $12.95

Oboe or English horn with one other instrument                                                       (Top of Page)

DE LA MADERA (2006) for oboe and marimba by Howard Buss. The Spanish title means “From the Wood” and refers not only to the material producing the tones, but also the alluring enchantment of the forest. This beautiful and compelling duo mixes Buss’ unique style of soaring lyricism and exciting contrasts with spicy,zesty Latin rhythms. The result is sure to please both the audience and performers! (10’15”) Grade V-VI. 
Score samples: Score sample 1.pdf (2 pages); Score sample 2.pdf (3 pages)
Sound samples: Excerpt_1.mp3; Excerpt_2.mp3; Excerpt_3.mp3

DE LA MADERA oboe & marimba, B406 $16.00 

FELINITY by Howard Buss for clarinet & English horn or for two clarinets. Both versions are included with the published set. Cast in 3 colorful movements: Alfie’s Dance, Behind the Cryptic Gaze, and Intrigues, the character of this work is greatly influenced by the feline qualities of grace, sleekness, stealth and playfulness. (8’) Grade V. 
for English horn & clarinet score samples (transposed score):
Excerpt, Movement 1.pdf; Excerpt, Movement 2.pdf ; Excerpt, Movement 3.pdf
Felinity for English horn & clarinet sound samples: Excerpt Movement 1.mp3; Excerpt Movement 2.mp3; Excerpt Movement 3.mp3
FELINITY clarinet & English horn or for two clarinets, B382 $16.00

FIRST LIGHT (2005) for oboe & piano by Roger Vogel. In the preface to the score the composer writes, "At the first light of day, before sunrise, the world is slowly coaxed from its slumber." With its quiet, lyrical opening and pauses, this beautiful work embodies this sense of awakening as it gradually becomes more animated and energetic. (5’45”) Grade V. Sound Excerpt.mp3
FIRST LIGHT oboe & piano, B923 $10.00

IDYLLIC SUITE for oboe & bassoon by Roger Vogel is in four movements and follows the format of a Baroque suite: Overture, Siciliana, Slow Tune and Gigue. It was written in 1976 for John Corina and James Burton and then revised and renotated in 2002. The title refers to the pastoral nature of the music. (11’20”) Grade IV-V.
Sound Samples:
Excerpt, Movement 1.mp3; Excerpt, Movement 2.mp3
Excerpt, Movement 3.mp3; Excerpt, Movement 4.mp3
IDYLLIC SUITE oboe & bassoon, B923A $12.00

OCTOBER DAWN (1987, revised 2006) for oboe & piano by Randall Snyder displays the oboe in a characteristically lyric, songlike style, contrasting with a more active, middle section featuring impressionistic piano arpeggios. The overall mood is one suggesting the bittersweet nostalgia of autumn. (5’) Grade IV-V.  
Sound Sample: Excerpt.mp3
OCTOBER DAWN oboe & piano,  B816 $8.95

(1993) by Howard Buss captures the serenity of musing by the sea. On the preface page to the score is printed the following free verse by the composer. It is suggested that the poem be narrated immediately before the performance and/or printed in the program notestoset themoodforthe music:: “On the shore of eternity swirling currents of liquid chaos gather for and disperse as foam. As rock wears to sand all dissonance transforms to serenity. Time presses no longer.” This is a memorable recital piece with audience appeal. (7’) Grade IV.
SEASIDE REFLECTIONS - Version for oboe & piano, B338A $12.00
SEASIDE REFLECTIONS - Version for oboe & harp, B338AH $12.00

SKYLINES (2003) for English horn & piano by Howard Buss. Cast in two engaging movements, this work is a picturesque musical urban portrait. Skylines is loosely programmatic in that no specific city is depicted; rather, the composer captures, in a broad manner, the essence of the big city spectacle. The lyrical and majestic first movement, Panorama, suggests the expansive grandeur of cityscape. The second, Amid the Spires, is hugely influenced by jazz and captures the dynamic energy of life on the busy streets. movements. (10’30”) Grade V.
Score samples (score in C): Excerpt, Movement 1.pdf ; Excerpt, Movement 2.pdf
Sound samples: Excerpt, Movement 1.mp3; Excerpt, Movement 2.mp3
SKYLINES English horn & piano, B381EH $16.50 

Solos for Cel and Rem_oboeSOLOS FOR CELEBRATIONS AND REMEMBRANCES for solo oboe by Roger C. Vogel is a collection of 12 short songs for special occasions: 2 for birthdays, 3 for weddings, 2 for remembrances, one for an anniversary, and one each for Irish, Jewish and Italian celebrations. This is a fun and practical  “must” for all oboists to have in their repertoire. Grade III-IV. B948  $12.50


TIME CAPSULE (1996) for oboe & bassoon by Howard Buss is a sonatina in four movements: Daybreak, Chorale, Rendezvous, and Homeward Bound and is both fun to play and listen to. The first movement has a frolicking and optimistic character. Chorale breaks with the traditional structure of the chorale in that each phrase gets a measure longer. The harmonies of the second movement contain some spicy dissonances as well. Rendezvous, is in a lilting 6/8 and really "works up a lather" as it progresses to an exciting climax. The final movement, Homeward Bound, begins with a fanfare-like passage that gives way to a spirited dance characterized by an intriguing interplay between the instruments.
(7’) Grade IV-V.  Score Samples: Movement_1.pdf; Movement_2.pdf; Movement_3.pdf; Movement_4.pdf

TIME CAPSULE oboe & bassoon, B350C $8.95 

WIND SONGS (2005) for flute/alto flute & oboe/English horn by Howard J. Buss is a charming and vivid duo for performers who like substantial, yet audience-friendly music. This colorful, entertaining work is in three movements: Zephyrs. Whispers Amid the Pines, and Harbinger of the Storm. (8’15”) Grade V.
Score sample: Mvt. 1 “Zephyrs”.pdf,
Score sample: Mvt. 2 “Whispers Amid the Pines” .pdf
Score sample: Mvt. 3 “Harbinger of the Storm”.pdf
WIND SONGS flute/alto flute & oboe/English horn. B400 $18.50

Oboe and voice:                                                                                          (Top of Page)

OBOE (1996) for oboe & medium voice by Roger C. Vogel was written for Dwight Manning. It is a humorous setting of Laurence McKinney’s poem Oboe. The comical effect of the music and text is enhanced by theatrical gestures by the performers. These are suggested in the score at the appropriate time. For example, before the music commences, the performers are given the following direction: "Enter with great dignity. The oboist should try several reeds before choosing one while the singer becomes somewhat impatient." From that point on there is an amusing tension created between the performers with directions such as (to the singer), "glare at oboist." Or (to the oboist), "Lip down as much as possible, shrug shoulders and begin next phrase." This entertaining composition is a hit with all types of audiences. It is certainly a piece that should be in the repertoire of every oboist. The vocal range is from D below the treble staff, to Gb above the staff. (The Gb is used only one time.) (5’30”)  Grade IV-V.  Sound Samples: Excerpt 1.mp3 (1MB); Excerpt 2.mp3 (1.1MB)
OBOE oboe & medium voice, B910 $6.95

Oboe in chamber music (trios):                                                             (Top of Page)

CONTRASTS IN BLUE for oboe, bassoon & piano by Howard J. Buss. A dramatic and colorful work in two picturesque movements: Evening Shadows and Summer Sea. The music is evocative of the imagery suggested by the titles of the movements and of the musical “blues” as well. The themes of shadows and water also suggest a kinship with the impressionist style of 100 years earlier. This composition is a “must” for advanced players! (15’30”) Grade V. 
Score Samples: Excerpt, Movement 1.pdf (3 pages); Excerpt, Movement 2.pdf (3 pages)
Sound Samples: Excerpt Movement 1A.mp3 Excerpt Movement 1B.mp3; Excerpt Movement 2.mp3

CONTRASTS IN BLUE oboe, bassoon & piano, B396 $24.00

TURBULENT TIMES for flute, oboe & bassoon by Howard J. Buss was composed during the Fall of 2009, a time when The Great Recession held its powerful grip much of the world, and uncertainty continued to build within American society.  There was a general sense that the prosperity of the past may never return, and that the future may bring even more hardships. As the seemingly endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan wore on, many did not expect peace to return in the foreseeable future. Yet, life went on. The music of Turbulent Times suggests the ebb and flow of the intense uncertainty felt by many with the more pleasant aspects of everyday life. Following the lyrical and plaintive introduction, stormy passages give way to sections of relative tranquility, only to reappear. (11’) B423 Grade V. $18.50
- Score Sample.pdf    - Sound Samples: Excerpt_1.mp3; Excerpt_2.mp3; Excerpt 3.mp3; Excerpt 4.mp3     
TURBULENT TIMES flute, oboe & bassoon, B423 $18.50

TWO CAPRICES (2007) for flute, oboe & marimba by Howard Buss is a rousing showpiece in two engaging movements. Evocation moves from the mysterious opening to a beautiful extended section in a pensive mood. Romp features beautiful lyricism and spirited rhythms with a Latin flare. Two Caprices was composed for Amy Collins, oboe; Kim McCormick, flute; and Robert McCormick, marimba and was premiered by Ms. Collins and the McCormick Duo at the International Double Reed Society Conference hosted by Ithaca College (NY) in June 2007. (10'30") Grade V.
Sound Samples: Movement 1, Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3
Movement 2, Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3                 YouTube video
TWO CAPRICES flute, oboe & marimba, B411 $22.00

VILLAGE SCENES (2004) for oboe, clarinet & bassoon by Howard Buss is a charming and colorful work inspired by the composer’s childhood memories of the village of Old Zionsville in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. The music is sophisticated, yet accessible, and makes a wonderful recital feature. The three picturesque movements are entitled: I. Playground Games, The Church By the Spring, and The Arrival of Winter. (7’16”) Grade IV. B395 $18.50
Score Samples (score in C): Sample, Movement 1.pdf ; Sample, Movement 2.pdf;
Sample, Movement 3.pdf (2 pages)
Sound Samples: Excerpt Movement 1.mp3; Excerpt Movement 2.mp3; Excerpt Movement 3.mp3

VILLAGE SCENES oboe, clarinet & bassoon, B395 $18.50

Oboe in chamber music (quartets):                                                                      (Top of Page)

COSMIC PORTRAITS (2009) for woodwind quartet (flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon) by Howard J. Buss consists of three movements inspired by views of objects in the Milky Way galaxy. The titles of the first two movements, The Backbone of Night and The Pale Blue Dot are taken from the writings of the renowned astrophysicist, Carl Sagan. In his book, Cosmos, he describes how the !Kung Bushman in Botswana refer to the Milky Way as “the backbone of night.” The spine of the Milky Way often appears directly over the Kalahari Desert. The !Kung believe it to be the structural foundation of the heavens and that one of its functions in relation to Earth, among many, is that it holds up the darkness.
In his book, The Pale Blue Dot, Sagan poetically describes a haunting view of Earth from a distant point in our galaxy. He puts our worldly concerns into cosmic perspective when he refers to all that has ever happened to human beings as occurring “on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.” The final movement, Orbitals, suggests celestial bodies revolving around one another in a fascinating cosmic dance. Moons orbiting planets, planets around suns, suns around other suns culminate in the swirling wonder of our galaxy.  (18’10”) Grade V.  Score Samples: Movement_1.pdf; Movement_2.pdf; Movement_3.pdf

COSMIC PORTRAITS woodwind quartet, B421W $38.50
DRY BONES, the well-known African American spiritual (the foot bone's connected to the leg bone, the leg bone's connected to the...), arranged for woodwind quartet (flute, clarinet, oboe & bassoon) by Howard Buss, makes a wonderful concert feature as well as a rousing musical offering in church. Multiple players may be used on each part to expand the ensemble. This arrangement is hugely influenced by jazz. The composer wrote an extended 2-part introduction which begins hymn-like, and then breaks out in a jubilant jazzy section. This is followed by a more traditional rendering of the spiritual; however, as the music reaches its climax, the jazz "licks" from the introduction are brought back as counterpoint against the main melody of the spiritual. The result is exhilarating, and for a bit of humor, just as the work ends, there is a "tongue-in-cheek" plagal cadence. (2’30”) Grade IV. Sound Sample: Excerpt.mp3 Score_Sample.pdf
DRY BONES, twoodwind quartet, B1018  $8.95

FUGA VII in Eb Major from Book II of The Well-Tempered Clavier by J. S. Bach (BWV 876), transcribed for double reed quartet (2 oboes, English horn & bassoon) or ensemble by Howard J. Buss was first published in 1744. Rather than intending to elicit a strong emotional response from listeners, this elegant music is designed to showcase the compositional craftsmanship and stimulate the intellect. This work makes a wonderful addition to a concert and is especially appropriate for performances in a church setting. An optional bassoon part is included to cover part 3 in case an English horn player is not available. (2'30") Grade III. B1001A $8.95  
Sound Sample: Excerpt.mp3;  Score_Sample.pdf
FUGA VII double reed quartet (2 oboes, English horn & bassoon), B1001A $8.95  

LAS MENINAS: VARIATIONS (1985) for oboe, cello, guitar & piano by David Alpher was inspired by the visual variations that Pablo Picasso painted in 1957 on Velasquez’ 1656 masterpiece commonly known as “Las Meninas.” Several different musical styles are employed during this Theme and 21 Variations in a manner analogous to the stylistic changes Picasso effected from one painting to the next. (16') Grade V.
Sound Samples: Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3.mp3; Excerpt 4.mp3
A YouTube video with a slideshow of the paintings
LAS MENINAS: VARIATIONS oboe, cello, guitar & piano, B104 $30.00

LULLABY OF THE SEA (2002) for oboe, clarinet, alto sax & bassoon by Robert J. Frank. This charming reed quartet was inspired by the gently undulating waves, shimmering moonlight on the surface, and gentle brezzes of the ocean on a quiet evening in a warm, tropical part of the world. Rolling gestures in the accompaniment compliment the gentle melodic theme, with the occasional call of the seagull. As the work draws to a close, the wind and waves still, lulling the final saxophone melody into blissful sleep. (2’) Grade IV. B714 $8.95    Lullaby of the Sea sound sample: Excerpt.mp3
LULLABY OF THE SEA oboe, clarinet, alto sax & bassoon, B714 $8.95

PRELUDE AND INTRADA for woodwind quartet (flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon) by Howard J. Buss. This attractive quartet features lyrical writing, and spirited rhythmic drive. The Prelude combines fanfare and lyrical sections as well as tonal and polytonal harmonies. The festive Intrada is in an ABA-Coda format and features crisp, energetic rhythms and lyrical contrapuntal writing. This is a memorable feature number or an impressive contest piece. Multiple players may be used on each part. (5’30”)  Grade V. B409W $18.50
Sound Samples:Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3    - Score Sample: excerpt.pdf

PRELUDE & INTRADA woodwind quartet, B409W $18.50

WINTER WINDS for woodwind quartet (flute, oboe, clarinet & bassoon) by Roger Vogel reflects the vivid contrasts of winter - from the soft winds that accompany falling snow, to the sharp winds that chill to the bone. Recorded on the CD Sunlight and Shadows by the University of Georgia Woodwind Quartet: ACA-CM20085. (15’15”) Grade V. B921 $32.00      
Sound Samples: Excerpt, Movement 1A.mp3; Excerpt, Movement 1B.mp3;
Excerpt, Movement 2A.mp3; Excerpt, Movement 2B.mp3
WINTER WINDS woodwind quartet, B921 $32.00

Oboe in chamber music (quintets and larger)                                                               (Top of Page)

FIVE STARS (2004) for wind quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, and bassoon) by Howard J. Buss was composed for the Pegasus Wind Quintet. Each of the 5 movements features a different member of the ensemble: Into the Maelstrom features the flute Sound Sample Mov.#1.mp3, A Distant Glow features the horn Sound Sample Mov.#2.mp3, Orbits features the oboe Sound Sample Mov.#3.mp3, The Message from the Cosmic Sea features the bassoon Sound Sample Mov.#4.mp3, and Dance of the Stars features the clarinet Sound Sample Mov.#5.mp3. This work is sophisticated, yet audience-friendly. It is well suited for school outreach concerts.(17’10") Grade V.
Videos on YouTube: I. Into the MaelstromII. A Distant GlowIII. Orbits , IV.The Message from the Cosmic Sea,
V. Dance of the Stars

FIVE STARS wind quintet, B393 $38.50

INTRODUCTION AND DANCE (1964) for wind quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon & French horn) by Edward Troupin (1925-2004). Mr. Troupin enjoyed an international reputation as a composer of instrumental music. Throughout his long and illustrious career as a professor of music at Ithaca College and later the University of Florida, he inspired numerous young composers. Mr. Troupin received his bachelor’s degree from Harvard University with a major in mathematics. Later he earned his master of music degree from the University of Michigan, where he studied with Ross Lee Finney. Troupin’s sound-world is dramatic and full of vitality. His Introduction & Dance for wind quintet was composed in 1964. In this delightful composition the colorful and contrasting sections combine in charming balance to make a memorable concert feature. Because of the character of the music Introduction & Dance also makes a rousing encore and an effective contest piece. (5’) Grade IV.Sound Sample: Excerpt.mp3

INTRODUCTION & DANCE wind quintet B703  $12.00 

NIGHT WINDS (1994) for alto sax and wind quintet (flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon & French horn) by Roger Vogel. This highly dramatic work is suggestive of the dark and somber quality of the themes and textures used throughout. The alto sax has been added to the traditional wind quintet and is treated as an integral member of the group. This composition is cyclic in form and is in a multi-sectional single movement: there are three slow sections that alternate with two faster ones. Night Winds was completed in 1994 and is dedicated to the musicians that premiered it: by Ronald Waln, flute; Dwight Manning, oboe; Theodore Jahn, clarinet; Jean Martin horn; William Davis, bassoon; and Ken Fischer, alto sax. (12’30”) Grade V.  
Sound Samples: Excerpt 1 (the beginning).mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3 (the ending).mp3

NIGHT WINDS alto sax and wind quintet, B904 $30.00

SHORT STORY (1980) for flute, clarinet, oboe, cello & piano by Haskell Small was commissioned by the Georgetown Symphony. The thematic material in this entertaining work is mostly of a lyrical nature juxtaposed with a "chase" motif and several sections of a gently jazzy flavor. It is essentially in sonata form, with an introductory recitative-like section that repeats in the middle and at the end of the composition. A short fugue based upon the main lyrical theme precedes the ending. Recorded on 4Tay Records CD #4020 “The Twisted Pine Branch.”  Haskell Small has been hailed by the Washington Post for his "rich imagination and assured mastery." (10’30”) Grade V-VI. B603  $32.00
Sound Samples: Sample 1.mp3; Sample 2.mp3
SHORT STORY flute, clarinet, oboe, cello & piano, B603 $32.00

TWO MODERN MOTETS (2005) for wind quintet (flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon & French horn) by Peter Rothbart was written while he was intensively studying sixteenth century motets. Intrigued by the contrapuntal nature of the genre with its simultaneous interconnectedness and independence of the lines, the composer wrote the first movement, alla Stile Antico, with this in mind.  The second movement, alla Stravinsky, was influenced by Rothbart’s long-time fascination with Igor Stravinsky’s neo-classical works. In particular, he was inspired by Stravinsky’s extraordinary sense of balanced form, combined with modern rhythms and melodies. The two movements of this exciting quintet complement one another beautifully.This work is a brilliant concert feature as well as an impressive contest piece.  (4’30”) Grade V.
Sound Samples: Excerpt, Movement 1.mp3; Excerpt, Movement 2.mp3
TWO MODERN MOTETS wind quintet, B210 $28.50

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