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Two Percussion With One Other Instrument    (The works are listed in alphabetical order.)

Divertissements_coverDIVERTISSEMENTS for Bb clarinet and percussion by Howard J. Buss was composed in the autumn of 2016 for clarinetist Kathleen Mulcahy. This work is designed so that either one or two percussionists can perform it. The 3 movements take listeners through a wide range of emotions and sonic atmospheres. Lyrical sections that are playfully juxtaposed with forceful passages characterize the first movement, Temporal Intrigues.The hauntingly beautiful second movement, Mystic Eyes, has a dreamy, meditative quality. Fusional Escapades is energetic and, with the exception of the clarinet cadenza, the performers are equal partners. The sometimes-playful character of the music is reminiscent to that which occurs in the first movement. (12’40”)  Grade V. -score & parts included-
Percussion Notes.pdf; Score Samples: Movement 1.pdf, Movement 2.pdf, Movement 3.pdf
Clarinet Part Samples: Movement 1.pdf, Movement 2.pdf, Movement 3.pdf
Sound Samples: Movement 1: Excerpt 1.mp3, Excerpt 2.mp3 - Movement 2: Excerpt 3.mp3, Excerpt 4.mp3
Movement 3: Excerpt 5.mp3, Excerpt 6.mp3

DIVERTISSEMENTS for Bb clarinet & percussion, B462 $28.50

THERE IS A SEASON (2008) for Bb clarinet and 2 percussion by Howard J. Buss.  The titles of the 2 movements, A Time of War, and A Time of Peace, as well as that of the larger work are derived from Ecclesiastes 3 in the Old Testament of the Bible. This work was written during the Second Iraq War.The 1st movement is tense and has militaristic character with dramatic proclamations culminating in an exciting solo passage for the percussion. The second movement begins with an atmosphere of apprehension that gives way to a spirited dance-like section.  Eventually the disposition becomes reflective, but during the clarinet cadenza the mood brightens and returns to the animated and joyous mood exhibited earlier in the movement.    (13’30”)  Grade V. 
Score samples: Percussion setup page.pdf; Movement 1.pdf ; Movement 2.pdf
Sound samples: Movement1A.mp3; Movement 1B.mp3; Movement 2 (opening).mp3
THERE IS A SEASON Bb clarinet and 2 percussion, B413  $30.00

Ventures by Howard J. BussVENTURES for euphonium and percussion (1 or 2 players)  by Howard J. Buss was written during 2014 and is dedicated to Patrick Nyren. Cast in three movements, Boldly, Introspective, and Go!, this colorful work demonstrates the incredible expressive range and technical capabilities of the instruments. The percussion instrument setup is designed so that it can be performed by one or two players. Ventures received its premiere performance on November 2, 2014 by Patrick Nyren, euphonium, and percussionists Daniel Lyons and Kenny Goss at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. It is a "must" for all serious euphonium players! (14'45") Grade V-VI.
Sound samples: Movement 1_excerpt 1.mp3; Movement 1_excerpt 2.mp3; Movement 2_excerpt 1.mp3;
Movement 2_excerpt 2.mp3; Movement 3_excerpt 1.mp3; Movement 3_excerpt 2.mp3
View on YouTube Ventures: I. BoldlyVentures: II. Introspective, and Ventures: III Go!
VENTURES for solo euphonium and percussion B445 $30.00

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