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One Percussion with one other instrument or voice   (Works are listed in alphabetical order.)

ATMOSPHERES (2005) for trumpet/flügelhorn & one percussion by Howard J. Buss is in 3 movements, The Wakening; One Sunday, Long Ago; and On-the-Edge, and was commissioned by the Double Take Duo. The first movement begins with a turbulent section featuring dramatic contrasts of dynamics and mood. This gives way to passages with a hint of playfulness. It culminates in a dance-like section with a distinctly Latin flare. One Sunday, Long Ago is in 2 parts: the first uses soaring melodies played on the Flügelhorn over a delicate ostinato on the maracas. Notable about the percussion part here is that the bongos and tambourine are played with the bodies of the maracas, and the suspended cymbals with the butts of the maraca handles. The movement ends with interplay between the marimba and the Flügelhorn, creating a beautiful, and almost meditative, atmosphere. The final movement is energetic and influenced by jazz. Percussion setup: marimba (to low A), 2 suspended cymbals, bongos, temple blocks, tambourine, maracas, wood block, tam-tam, cow bell, and triangle. The marimba part calls predominately for 2-mallet technique.When 4 mallets are employed (in the third movement) sparingly, they are used in repeated chordal patterns. (10’30”) Grade V-VI.  
This work is recorded on the Double Take Duo CD Atmospheres (available from Brixton Publications) and on the CD Spanish Memoirs by Diego Arias and Yu-Jung Chung (available from IBS Classical).
Sound samples: Movement 1.mp3; Movement 2 excerpt A.mp3; Movement 2 excerpt B.mp3; Movement 3 excerpt A.mp3; Movement 3 excerpt B.mp3.

ATMOSPHERES for trumpet/flügelhorn and one percussion, (sheet music) B398 $30.00

BEHIND THE INVISIBLE MASK (2006) for bassoon and one percussion by Howard Buss mixes Buss’ unique style of soaring lyricism and exciting contrasts with intriguing rhythms. The title refers to the complex of emotions a person may experience while reconciling conflicts between his/her internal world and public role (invisible mask).The percussion set-up includes: marimba, temple blocks, bongos, tam-tam, bass drum, maracas, tambourine, suspended cymbals and agogo bells. This is a memorable and captivating feature number.
Percussion set-up.pdf - Score sample.pdf
BEHIND THE INVISIBLE MASK for bassoon & one percussion, B407 $16.50

BOOM TIME for trombone and one percussion, words and music by Howard Buss, is an evocative, entertaining work in which both performers recite the text during performance. The 4 movements: Boomers!, Thoughts of Grey, Trombone Magic, and Wild Nights, address humankind’s relationship to technology in the modern world. The instrumentation includes tomtoms, cymbals, wood block, wind chimes, tam-tam, bell tree, triangle, bass drum, tambourine, hi-hat, whip, vibraslap, bells and vibes. Commissioned by and premiered at the 1998 International Trombone Festival (12 ’) Grade V-VI.
Score samples: “Boomers!”.pdf. “Thoughts of Grey!” .pdf;
“Trombone Magic” .pdf; “Wild Nights” .pdf; Percussion Set-up.pdf; Performance Notes .pdf   
Sound Samples: Movement 1A.mp3; Movement 1B.mp3; Movement 2.mp3; Movement 3.mp3; Movement 4.mp3
BOOM TIME for trombone & one percussion,  B359 $20.00

DE LA MADERA (2006) for oboe and marimba by Howard Buss. The Spanish title means “From the Wood” and refers not only to the material producing the tones, but also the alluring enchantment of the forest. This beautiful and compelling duo mixes Buss’ unique style of soaring lyricism and exciting contrasts with spicy, zesty Latin rhythms. The result is sure to please both the audience and performers! (10’15”) Grade V-VI. 
Score samples: Score sample 1.pdf; Score sample 2 pdf
Sound samples: Excerpt_1.mp3; Excerpt_2.mp3; Excerpt_3.mp3
DE LA MADERA for oboe & marimba, B406 $16.00

Divertissements_coverDIVERTISSEMENTS for Bb clarinet and percussion by Howard was composed in the autumn of 2016 for clarinetist Kathleen Mulcahy. This work is designed so that either one or two percussionists can perform it. The 3 movements take listeners through a wide range of emotions and sonic atmospheres. Lyrical sections that are playfully juxtaposed with forceful passages characterize the first movement, Temporal Intrigues.The second movement, Mystic Eyes, has a dreamy, meditative quality. Fusional Escapades is energetic and, with the exception of the clarinet cadenza, the performers are equal partners. The sometimes-playful character of the music is reminiscent to that which occurs in the first movement. (12’40”)  Grade V. -score & parts included-
Percussion Notes.pdf; Score Samples: Movement 1.pdf, Movement 2.pdf, Movement 3.pdf
Clarinet Part Samples: Movement 1.pdf, Movement 2.pdf, Movement 3.pdf
Sound Samples: Movement 1: Excerpt 1.mp3, Excerpt 2.mp3 - Movement 2: Excerpt 3.mp3, Excerpt 4.mp3
Movement 3: Excerpt 5.mp3, Excerpt 6.mp3
DIVERTISSEMENTS for Bb clarinet & percussion, B462 $28.50

Dreams from the Shadows_Buss coverDREAMS FROM THE SHADOWS for horn and vibraphone* by Howard J. Buss explores a wide range of emotional states. From its mystical, contemplative opening, to majestic proclamations, to jubilant sections with a dance-like character, the music suggests a dream-like collage of sonic atmospheres. Soaring melodies and intriguing rhythms coupled with the beautiful sonority of the horn and vibraphone ensemble, make this an accessible, audience-friendly composition. *An electronic keyboard (emulating the sound of a vibraphone) may be used as a substitute for the vibes. The publication includes a score, vibraphone part, and horn part. Dreams from the Shadows is dedicated to hornist Gene Berger and percussionist Braham Dembar(10’30”)  Grade V. 
Sound samples: Excerpt 1 (opening).mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3); Excerpt 3.mp3; Excerpt 4 (ending).mp3
Dreams from the Shadows, for horn and vibraphone, B443 $20.00

IMPROMPTU (1994) for clarinet (or soprano sax) and marimba by Howard J. Buss is characterized by driving rhythms and ornate melodic lines. The opening motives in both parts undergo almost continuous development throughout the work, often giving the music a spontaneous, improvisatory feel. At times the music has a playful, almost frolicking quality. At other times mysterious and introspective passages contrast with aggressive, intense sections to create an atmosphere of moodiness. The lyrical melodies and interesting timbral contrasts between the instruments, combine with the tonal scheme of the music to make a sophisticated, yet audience-friendly, concert work. Two-mallet technique is prominent in the marimba part during the more intricate solo passages and there is some use of 3 and 4 mallets in those sections where chordal writing occurs. It is frequently performed on recitals by college students and faculty. “A very accessible and enjoyable work.” - Percussive Notes. (6’) Grade V.  
Sound Samples (played on soprano sax): Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3
IMPROMPTU for clarinet (or soprano sax) and marimba, B321 $12.00

INCANTATION (1994) for Bb trumpet & one percussion by Howard J. Buss evokes the mystery and enchantment of the sorcerer's ritual. Tightly structured sections contrast with free-form passages in a manner analogous to the interaction of order and mysticism in an incantation. Printed in the preface to the score is the poem "Incantation" (see below) by the composer which may be narrated before the performance and/or used as written program notes. The instrumentation includes vibraphone, 2 suspended cymbals, tam-tam, bell tree, wind chimes, cowbell, hi-hat & tambourine. “The audience was mesmerized as the two wizards cast their unforgettable musical ”- The Chicago Tribune. (8’) Grade V. 
Recorded on the CD Double Take by Sheryl Lynch, trumpet, and Don Parker, percussion. This CD is available from Brixton Publications. It has also been recorded on the Equilibrium CD EQ58 "Old News" by Stephen Dunn, trumpet & John Pennington, percussion; and on Spanish Memoirs by Diego Arias and Yu-Jung Chung (available from IBS Classical).
Sound Samples: Sample#1.mp3; Sample#2.mp3
Text of "Incantation" (free verse by Howard J. Buss) that may be used as program notes):
The sorcerer's ritual -
     based upon science, cast in hope,
          ceremony of portent in a universe of laws,
Unseen enchantment empowered to move the unheard.
Mystical phrases, coldly calculated, yet obscured by sonic spells,
     altered perceptions of immutable reality.
Are not the senses willingly shaken for effect
     no less violated by the magician's design?
Perhaps all can be forgiven -
     for the allure and beauty of incantation
          transcends the cares of scheme and reason.

INCANTATION for Bb trumpet & one percussion (sheet music), B322 $16.00 

KALEIDOSCOPE (1988) for flute & one percussion by Howard J. Buss. This colorful “theme” and variations was written for the McCormick Duo. The theme is actually a distinctive rhythmic pattern which is varied in a manner similar to the transformation of images as seen through a kaleidoscope. Both performers have an equally important role in presenting themusical material - this is a true chamber work.The instrumentation includes marimba, bells, 2 suspended cymbals, temple blocks, bell tree, and tambourine. (8’) Grade IV-V. 
Sound Samples: Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3.mp3
KALEIDOSCOPE for flute & one percussion, B323 $12.00

NIGHT TIDE (1995) for trombone and marimba by Howard J. Buss. An evocative interplay between aggressive and serene sections, this enchanting duo is an impression of the New England coastline at night. “The evening’s highlight, Night Tide was a stunning aural portrait of the sea’s ebb and flow.” - The Maine Sunday Telegram. (8’30”)  Grade IV.  Recorded on the CD Spanish Memoirs by Manuel Quesada Benitez and Yu-Jung Chung (available from IBS Classical). 
Sound Sample#1.mp3; Sound Sample#2.mp3
NIGHT TIDE version for trombone & marimba, B327 $12.50

NIGHT TIDE (1995, 2012) for horn and marimba by Howard J. Buss was inspired by the New England coastline at night and features an evocative interplay between turbulent and serene sections. ‘The Evening’s highlight, Night Tide was a stunning portrait of the sea’s ebb and flow.”  -  The Maine Sunday Telegram   (8’30”)  Grade V.  - Score Sample.pdf
NIGHT TIDE version for horn & marimba, B327H $12.50 

 SCENES FROM THE HOLY LAND (2002) for flute and one percussion by Howard J. Buss was inspired by the composer’s two trips to the Middle East. It is in 5 colorful and picturesque movements:
I. Masada  (3:05)    Sound sample, movement 1.mp3
II. Storm on Mount Sinai (3:10)    Sound sample, movement 2.mp3
III. The Flock by the Sea of Galilee (2:25)  Sound sample, movement 3.mp3
IV. Jordan Valley Enchantment (2:30)   Sound sample, movement 4.mp3
V. The Road to Jerusalem (4:20)   Sound sample, movement 5.mp3
This work was commissioned for the McCormick Duo and the 30th Anniversary of the National Flute Association. Percussion instruments: Marimba, suspended cymbal, tambourine, bongos, wood block, wind chimes, and agogo bells. (15'30") Grade V.  
“The opening section, ‘Masada’ presents angular solos against percussion accents, with ascending legato passages for the flute. The music turns more florid and Middle-Eastern in style before a peaceful coda. ‘Storm on Mount Sinai’ offers sharply rhythmic music accented with tambourine and a more febrile bazaar-like flute writing. ‘The Flock by the Sea of Galilee’ contains an oddly memorable five-note percussion motif under a lovely bucolic flute theme. ‘The Road to Jerusalem’ makes a haunting finale with elaborate passages against pulsating percussion. Scenes from the Holy Land is an effective and colorful work with deftly varied music and tackled by the musicians with skill and understated virtuosity Buss’ intimate style requires. It makes its effects with point and economy and would be a boon to flute and percussion duos searching for program material.” - The Gramophone, April 2005. Recorded on the Capstone Records CD HOWARD J. BUSS:MODERN TIMES available from Brixton.
SCENES FROM THE HOLY LAND for flute & one percussion, B377 $22.00

SKY BLOSSOMS (1998) for flute & one percussion by Howard J. Buss is a dramatic “tour de force” during which both performers recite the text while performing. Mystical and lyrical sections contrast with intense and explosive passages. The instrumentation includes vibes, bells, roto toms, bass drum, tambourine, cowbell, cymbals, wind chimes, bell tree, tam-tam, temple blocks, maracas and a lion roar. Commissioned for and premiered by Connie and Brandie  (7’30”) Grade V-VI.   
score sample.pdf ;    performance notes.pdf
SKY BLOSSOMS for flute & one percussion, B361 $20.00

Sounscapes by Howard Buss coverSOUNDSCAPES for saxophone (Eb alto doubling on Bb tenor) and drum set by Howard J. Buss was written for Barry McGinnis. It is in 4 movements: I. Urban Bustle, IIa. Blueish Serenity, IIb. In Transit, and III.  Spiritosity. Movements I. and III. are scored for alto sax, and movements IIa. and IIb. are for tenor sax. The percussionist uses a standard drum set and wind chimes.
(14’30”) Grade V.
Sound samples: Movement I.mp3; Movement IIa.mp3; Movement IIb.mp3;
Movement IIImp3
SOUNDSCAPES for sax (alto doubling on tenor) and drum set B452 $24.00

STELLAR VISIONS (2005) for flute & marimba by Howard J. Buss is dedicated to the McCormick Duo: Kim McCormick, flute, and Robert McCormick, percussion. This work juxtaposes mystical, lyrical, and energetic sections in a manner analogous to the ebb and flow of emotions experienced by the composer during meditation on the awesome grandeur of a starry night.
Sound Sample#1.mp3; Sound Sample#2.mp3 From mystical, quiet murmurings to intense and brilliant forte passages, the music showcases the great expressive range of the flute and marimba duo. (6’40”) Grade V-VI.
Recorded on the CD McDuo Works for Flute and Percussion by the McCormick Duo (Kim McCormick, flute and Robert McCormick, percussion). 
STELLAR VISIONS for flute & marimba, (sheet music) B397  $16.00

Sylvan Magic_coverSYLVAN MAGIC (2016) for clarinet and vibraphone by Howard J. Buss is dedicated to clarinetist Barry McGinnis. He and vibraphonist John Roberts premiered it on March 28, 2017 at Newberry College in Newberry, South Carolina. The 3 movements, Seasonal Transformations, Musing, and Bustle, were inspired by the change of the seasons in the beautiful Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania. (11’47”) Grade V. –score and part included-
Score Samples: Movement 1.pdf, Movement 2.pdf, Movement 3.pdf
Clarinet Part Samples: Movement 1.pdf, Movement 2.pdf, Movement 3.pdf
Sound Excerpts: Movement 1.mp3, Movement 2.mp3, Movement 3: Excerpt 1.mp3, Excerpt 2.mp3
SYLVAN MAGIC for clarinet and vibraphone B464 $22.00

Take Time coverTAKE TIME "Wisdom Woven into Five Lines" for medium voice and marimba by Roger C. Vogel. Wise thoughts may be expressed in short statements. Sister Maria Virginia Silvano, IHM has written a number of such thoughts in poems of 5 lines called “Cinquains.” Take Time consists of 5 songs: Take Time, Open Your Heart, Toot Not Your Horn Too Much, Cancelled Because of Snow, and Flowers. They may be sung individually or in small groups. A 4.5 octave marimba is perferred for this composition. Optional notes have been provided for performance on a 4.3 instrument. (11'30") Grade IV. - YouTube video
TAKE TIME, medium voice & marimba, B944 $24.00

Ventures by Howard J. BussVENTURES (2014) for solo euphonium and percussion (1 or 2 players)  by Howard J. Buss is dedicated to Patrick Nyren. Cast in 3 movements, Boldly, Introspective, and Go!, this work showcases the incredible expressive range and technical capabilities of the instruments. The percussion setup is designed so that it can be performed by 1 or 2 players. Ventures was premiered on November 2, 2014 by Patrick Nyren, euphonium, and percussionists Daniel Lyons and Kenny Goss at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. It is a "must" for all serious euphonium players! (14'45") Grade VI.
;Sound samples: Movement 1_excerpt 1.mp3; Movement 1_excerpt 2.mp3; Movement 2_excerpt 1.mp3;
Movement 2_excerpt 2.mp3; Movement 3_excerpt 1.mp3; Movement 3_excerpt 2.mp3
View on YouTube Ventures: I. BoldlyVentures: II. Introspective, and Ventures: III Go!
VENTURES for solo euphonium and percussion B445 $30.00

VOYAGES (1996) for trumpet & one percussion by Roger C. Vogel was commissioned by trumpeter Edward Sandor and is recorded on ACA Compact Disc Number CM 20042. (The CD is available from Albany Music Distributors.) The durations of the 3 movements are: I. 5'45", II. 5'45", and III. 5'20". The work is scored for C trumpet, B-flat piccolo trumpet, B-flat flügelhorn, vibraphone, snare drum, suspended cymbal and steel drum. If a treble steel drum is not available, then the part may be played entirely on the vibraphone (without rolls.) The flügelhorn part may be played on a Bb trumpet with a bucket mute or felt hat. (17’)  Grade V-VI.  
Sound Samples: Movement 1.mp3; Movement 2.mp3; Movement 3.mp3
VOYAGES for trumpet & one percussion, (sheet music) B909 $22.00 

WAVE TRAIN (1990) for flute & marimba by Howard J. Buss. The interaction of the lyrical melodies in this beautiful and frequently performed work is reminiscent of the patterns created by intermingling waves on the surface of water. Recorded on the CD "Premiers Plus One" by the McCormick Duo, available from HonetRock.This is an attractive feature number which also works well as a contest piece. Sound Sample#1.mp3, Sound Sample#2.mp3 (6’15”) Grade IV-V. View on YouTube

WAVE TRAIN for flute & marimba, (sheet music) B343 $12.00    

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