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Strings in chamber music (works are in alphabetical order)

A THOUSAND WORDS for clarinet, viola & trombone by Thomas Zugger in 4 colorful movements: Irony, Blue Image, Serenity, and Rush Hour. At first the instrumentation may sound implausible. However, this work is masterfully written and the instrumental combination works exquisitely. (14’) Grade V. 
Score Samples (transposed score):
Movement 1.pdf; Movement 2.pdf;
Movement 3.pdf; Movement 4.pdf

A THOUSAND WORDS for clarinet, viola & trombone, B742 $24.00 

ATLANTIC LEGEND (1983) by David Alpher evokes images of the craggy, rock bound coast of New England and the timeless lore of the North Atlantic. Although the instrumentation suggests a Baroque continuo sound, the musical material is exclusively 20th Century. (14’30”)
Viola/cello/harpsichord version) Sound Samples:
Sample 1.mp3 Sample 2.mp3 (Recorded on Ongaku Records #024-112)
ATLANTIC LEGEND, version for viola, cello & harpsichord, B101 $28.50
Atlantic Legend (flute/viola/harpsichord version) Sound Samples: Excerpt, Movement 1.mp3; Excerpt, Movement 2.mp3
ATLANTIC LEGEND, version for flute, viola & harpsichord, B102 $28.50

AWAKENING by Howard Buss is a charming, soulful composition strongly influenced by the Jewish Klezmer idiom. The music moves from a mystical, contemplative opening to an energetic finale. Color is added to the ensemble with the use of wind chimes, finger cymbals, and finger rolls on the body of the string bass. This work is a memorable addition to any recital, and because of its spiritual nature, makes a wonderful musical offering in a house of worship.
(7’)  Grade IV.
Version for flute, guitar, and string bass score sample (score in C): Opening.pdf
AWAKENING, version for alto flute, guitar & string bass, B307A $16.50 
Clarinet, guitar & string version) Sound Samples: # 1, the opening.mp3;  # 2.mp3;  # 3 (the end).mp3
AWAKENING - version for clarinet, guitar and string bass,  B307 $16.50 

Ballad & Epilogue coverBALLAD AND EPILOGUE for string trio (violin, viola & cello) by Roman Placzek is a heartfelt tribute to Walter Ford Carter and the memory of his father, Dr. Elmer Norval Carter, whose story is immortalized in Walter’s book No Greater Sacrifice, No Greater Love published by Smithsonian Books. “I composed the piece while living with my host family, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Carter in Newton, MA. Walter’s mother died during that time and I learned that he grew up without a father. Walter’s father, died a hero during the invasion of Normandy gunned down by a sniper while attending a wounded soldier. Walter’s mother never spoke of her husband again. One day I saw an open diary Walter’s father kept during those days and I realized that among the last words he wrote in his life were thoughts of love for his two sons, and he specifically mentioned Walter. Ballad depicts Walter’s life growing up and rearing his children while never knowing his father. Epilogue portrays the rediscovery of his parent when, after the death of his mother, Walter found his father’s letters and a diary she was hiding from him until her death. The role of each instrument is vital to me. All 3 voices play an equally important role, taking their leading parts as the story unfolds. Being a professional cellist with profound knowledge of string playing and all bowed string instruments, I make sure that the players are indulged in the performance of my pieces, same as the audience.” – Roman Placzek (11’22”) Grade IV-V.
The entire work can be heard on YouTube

BALLAD AND EPILOGUE for string trio (violin, viola & cello) B170 $28.50
CANTICLES for clarinet, cello & piano by Roger Vogel is a lyrical work in 2 movements: Lied Rhapsody and Serenade-Caprice.  While often associated with liturgical music. The term “canticle” is simply a synonym for a song. The main musical ideas are song-like melodies that are shared by all three instruments.  (18’)  Grade V.
Sound samples: Excerpt,Mvt.1A.mp3; Excerpt,Mvt.1B.mp3; Excerpt,Mvt.2A.mp3;

CANTICLES for clarinet, cello & piano, B929 $22.00  

CONSENSUS FENCES (1991) for flute/piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet & string bass by Erik Lund. This energetic trio is a “must” for the advanced new music ensemble.
Sound Sample 1.mp3; Sound Sample 2.mp3
Recorded on Opus One Records: CD164 by the Ciosone Trio. (10’30”)  Grade VI.
CONSENSUS FENCES for flute/piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet & string bass, B401 $28.50

THE DEVIL’S SONGBOOK “Eight Irreverent Songs” (1993) for medium or high voice, bassoon (or cello or contrabass) and piano by Roger C. Vogel is based on humorous texts that explore various aspects of human nature. The songs are Of Politicians (lyrics by William Shakespeare and Hilaire Belloc), Of Businessmen (lyrics by Mark Twain), Of Critics and Music (lyrics by Robert F. Murray, Charles Lamb, and the composer), Of Vanity (lyrics by James Thomson), Of Attorneys (lyrics derived from an anonymous quote on the Headstone of Mr. Jonathan Gill, Esq. who died February 6, 1751), Of the Media (lyrics by Humbert Wolfe), Of Vanity (anonymous) and Of Celebration (lyrics by Dorothy Parker). (20’15”) Grade V. 
Sound Samples: Of Politicians, Excerpt 1.mp3;Of Attorneys, Excerpt 2 .mp3; Of Businessmen, Excerpt 3.mp3;
Of the Media, Excerpt 4.mp3; Of Critics and Music, Excerpt 5.mp3;
Of Virtue, Excerpt 6.mp3; Of Vanity, Excerpt 7.mp3; Of Celebration, Excerpt 8.mp3

THE DEVIL’S SONGBOOK for medium or high voice, bassoon (or cello or contrabass) and piano, B901 $30.00

dream trio coverDREAM TRIO for violin, cello and piano by Roman Placzek is in 3 movements: Dream, Intermezzo, and Memory of the Dream. The inspiration for this work was the composer’s youthful falling in love with a beautiful pianist who was a year older student at Ostrava Conservatory. The chosen key for the work is A minor for the outer movements and C major for the Intermezzo. All three are closely connected thematically. While Dream and Memory of Dream describe the emotional upheaval the composer experienced, Intermezzo is a joyful sonic depiction of a snowy day that came while he was working on the piece. (15’22”) Grade V.      
Score samples: Movement 1.pdf ; Movement 2.pdf; Movement 3.pdf
DREAM TRIO for violin, cello and piano B172 $36.00
IN THE MIRROR OF TIME (2003) for clarinet, violin & cello by Howard Buss in 2 movements: Recollections and Moving On. The first is lyrical and sweet and is permeated by a nostalgic ambience. The second retains some of the sentimentality of the first, but is more animated and pushes forward suggesting the relentless progression of time. Each movement is approximately 5 minutes in duration. (10’) Grade V.)

YouTube videos: Movement I."Recollections", Movement II."Moving On"
Sound Samples: Movement 1A.mp3, Movement 1B.mp3, Movement 2A.mp3
IN THE MIRROR OF TIME for clarinet, violin & cello, B389 $18.50

LOVE LETTERS(2002) for high voice (soprano or tenor), violin & piano by Roger C. Vogel is a song cycle based on texts selected to represent the many different aspects of the universal emotion of love: from longing, exuberance, excitement, and playfulness to sorrow and despair. The songs may be performed individually. It is recorded on the OASIS CD Love Letters (ORCV4000), available from Brixton Publications CD-109.
(45’) Grade IV-V.
The songs are: 1. Your Letter Moved Me 2:29; 2. I Lie Awake 3:52; 3. Dear Miss West Forty-seventh Street 1:49; 4. My Dearest Nell (voice and piano) 7:45; 5. The French Ladies 3:39
6. My Darling Dear, Delightful Ringo 2:57; 7. Have You Heard That I Love You (voice and violin) 3:07
8. Alas! I have Suffered Your Scorn! 11:36; 9. Everything Measurable Passes 1:45
10. Interlude (violin and piano) 2:59; 11. Adieu, I Seal My Letter 4:36
LOVE LETTERS for high voice (soprano or tenor), violin & piano, (sheet music) B925 $48.50

On the Wing coverON THE WING for violin, alto saxophone and piano by Roger C. Vogel was written in 2013 and revised in 2017 for Rachel and Stephen Fischer. It was inspired by the thrill of flight. The intense energy of taking off, soaring, gliding, and diving is depicted in its musical gestures. The opening begins with ascending motives and progresses through contrasting sections that represent different aspects and emotions that are experienced in flight. As the work progresses these motives recur in various ways, with some surprises, until the final exhilarating coda. Cast in one movement of about 15 minutes in length, the violin, alto sax, and piano compete, complement, intertwine, and reflect on the musical ideas equally. (15’)  Grade V. (score & parts included)
Sound samples: Excerpt 1 (the beginning).mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3.mp3; Excerpt 4 (the ending).mp3
ON THE WING for violin, alto sax, and piano B961 $30.00

REMEMBRANCES (2000) by Howard J. Buss was written immediately following the death of the composer's 97-year-old grandmother. Rather than being a somber memorial or musical epitaph, this charming, melodious work is a celebration of life. The composition finishes in a spirit of buoyant optimism. (8’) Grade IV.
Version for clarinet, cello & piano sound samples:
Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3 (the ending).mp3
Version for flute, cello & piano score sample: Excerpt.pdf
Version for trumpet, cello & piano score sample: Excerpt.pdf
REMEMBRANCES - Version for flute, cello & piano, B366 $18.50 
REMEMBRANCES - Version for trumpet, cello & piano, B364 $18.50
REMEMBRANCES - Version for clarinet, cello & piano  B365 $18.50

Reverie_Buss coverREVERIE (1992) for clarinet, viola & piano by Howard J. Buss. This work was commissioned by Luis Rossi and the Trio de Buenos Aires. It was premiered by this ensemble in Madrid, Spain at the Circulo de Bellas Artes on February 20, 1994. Reverie is rewarding for the performers and audience alike. As the title suggests, the music is contemplative. The writing is idiomatic and imaginative. (10’30”)  Grade  IV.
Sound Samples: Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3.mp3; Excerpt 4.mp3 View on YouTube
REVERIE for clarinet, viola & piano, B335 $18.50 

SAINT FRANCIS AND THE ANIMALS for flute, clarinet & harp by Howard J. Buss is a tribute to St. Francis of Assisi, the venerated Catholic friar, preacher, founder of several Orders, and lover of animals and the environment. The 2 movements, The Birds, and The Wolf, musically portray 2 of the many well-known stories of how Saint Francis communicated with animals.This work was commissioned by Kathleen Jones for ClarinetFest 2013 in Assisi, Italy.  (11’30”)   Grade V-VI. 
Sound Samples: Movement I, excerpt 1.mp3; Movement 1, excerpt 2.mp3;
Movement II, excerpt 1.mp3; Movement II, excerpt 2.mp3; Movement II, excerpt 3.mp3
Videos on YouTube: I. The Birds, and II. The Wolf 
SAINT FRANCIS AND THE ANIMALS for flute, clarinet & harp, B434  $28.50

Sonic Tapestries coverNew! SONIC TAPESTRIES for violin, alto sax, and piano by Howard J. Buss was written for Rachael and Stephen Fischer during the fall of 2019 for the 2020 North American Saxophone Alliance Conference. The three movements explore a diversity of moods and intriguing musical atmospheres and textures. Variegated (3’40”), Pensive  (3’20”), Cosmopolitan Strands (4’00”). Score and parts are included. - Total duration without pauses: 11’ Grade V.
Sound samples - Movement 1: Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3.mp3
Movement 2: Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3.mp3
Movement 3: Excerpt 1.mp3; Excerpt 2.mp3; Excerpt 3.mp3  -  Score sample: Excerpt.pdf  -  YouTube video
SONIC TAPESTRIES for violin, alto sax and piano (score & parts) B488 $30.00

TENNESSEE SUITE (2001) for flute, viola & piano by Howard J. Buss was inspired by the composer’s visit to the Smoky Mountains. It is in four movements: Mystic Dawn, Treetop Capers, Cades Cove, and The Trail to Abrams Falls. Written for Shelley Binder. (13’) Grade V. 
Sound Samples:
Excerpt, Movement 1.mp3; Excerpt, Movement 2 (the ending).mp3;
Excerpt, Movement 3.mp3; Excerpt, Movement 4.mp3
View on YouTube: I. Mystic Dawn,   II. Treetop Capers, III. Cades Cove, and
IV. The Trail to Abrams Falls  

TENNESSEE SUITE for flute, viola & piano, B370 $28.50

TRIO for flute, cello & piano by Haskell Small is in 3 movements: Allegro non-troppo, Andante, and Allegro molto energico. Haskell Small has been hailed by the Washington Post for his "rich imagination and assured mastery." Recorded on the CD 25 Preludes: A Musical Odyssey (Northeastern Classical Arts NR 242-CD)
Grade V.
Sound Samples:
Sample Movement 1.mp3; Sample Movement 2.mp3; Sample Movement 3.mp3
TRIO for flute, cello & piano, B604 $18.50

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