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Solo Trombone/Euphonium - unaccompanied   (Works are listed in alphabetical order.)

A DAY IN THE CITY “7 Vignettes” (1986) by Howard J. Buss. These musical scenes from the city are excellent study and recital pieces. Each vignette depicts an experience the composer had one day during a visit to New York City. The movements are Another Sunrise, Off to a Busy Day, The Lost Key Episode, The Waitin' in Line Blues, Romantic Interlude, Sudden Storm and Out on the Town. "Tonal, charming and imaginative! The low purchase price and the incisive approach of a skilled composer make this a piece worth seeking out.”- PMEA News (10’) Grade IV.
Sound Sample: Movement 4, The Waitin’ In Line Blues.mp3
Score Sample (trombone version): Excerpts.pdf - Score Sample (bass trombone version): Excerpts.pdf

A DAY IN THE CITY for solo trombone (or euphonium), B304 $6.95
A DAY IN THE CITY for solo bass trombone (or tuba)  B305 $6.95

GOODBYE (1999) for solo trombone (or euphonium by Thomas Zugger conveys the passionate and intense emotions of saying goodbye to someone dear. Written in four interconnected movements: Despair, Grief, Conflict and Anger, and Acceptance and Hope.This captivating composition is an impressive showcase for the trombone. (7’)
Grade V.
GOODBYE for solo trombone (or euphonium), B741 $6.95

OUTINGS (2013) for solo bass trombone (or tuba) by Roger C. Vogel was written for the British bass trombonist Jonathan Warburton, who premiered the work on March 1, 2013 at St. Martin's in the Bullring in Birmingham, England. This accessible work is in two short, contrasting movements: Stroll, and Jaunt. (4’) Grade IV-V.
Score sample: Excerpts.pdf

OUTINGS for solo bass trombone (or tuba), B937 $6.95

SOLOS FOR CELEBRATIONS AND REMEMBRANCES for solo bassoon coverSOLOS FOR CELEBRATIONS AND REMEMBRANCES for solo trombone or euphonium by Roger C. Vogel is a collection of 12 short songs for special occasions: 2 for birthdays, 3 for weddings, 2 for remembrances, one for an anniversary, and one each for Irish, Jewish and Italian celebrations. This is a fun and practical  “must” for all to have in their repertoire. Grade III-IV.
SOLOS FOR CELEBRATIONS AND REMEMBRANCES for solo trombone or euphonium B948TB $12.50

THREE EUPHONICS (2011) for solo euphonium by Howard J. Buss was the first place winner of the 2011 Lieksa Brass Week's International Composition Competition. Ranging from lyric tenderness to powerful (and sometimes fiery) technical displays, the 3 short movements Moods, Lyrique, and Breakout, explore a wide range of sonic atmospheres and moods Three Euphonics is an audience-friendly concert work as well as an impressive contest piece.
(5'40") Grade V. YouTube video
Sound samples: Excerpt_movement_1.mp3; Excerpt_movement_2.mp3; Excerpt_movement_3.m4a

THREE EUPHONICS for solo euphonium, B427  $10.00  

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