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Trumpet recordings

Atmospheres featuring Sheryl Linch, trumpet, and Don N. Parker, percussion.

This significant and exciting new release by the Double Take Duo (Don N. Parker, percussion and Sheryl Linch-Parker, trumpet) is a "must". The CD takes its name from the first work on the recording, Atmospheres by Howard J. Buss (published by Brixton Publications). The CD includes:
Atmospheres (2005) for trumpet and percussion by Howard J. Buss
[1] I. The Wakening                     4:41
[2] II. One Sunday, Long Ago     4:03
[3] III. On-The-Edge                   3:52
[4] Where Sirens Dwell (2006) by William L. Cahn    12:46
     for trumpet and percussion with prerecorded CD
Six Interlocutions for Trumpet and Percussion
[5] I. Opening Statement             3:02
[6] II. Light Banter                      3:00
[7] III. Call                                  1:15
[8] IV. Be Correct or Happy       5:32
[9] V. Response                           1:27
[10] VI. Conclusion                     6:23

ATMOSPHERES CD, Brixton CD-110 $16.95

Double Take CD coverDouble Take featuring Sheryl Linch, trumpet, and Don N. Parker, percussion. An exquisite recording which is a “must” for any serious trumpeter or percussionist. Included on the CD is Interplay for Trumpet and Percussion by Murray Houllif, Four Pieces for Trumpet and Marimba by Erwin Chandler, Sonata No. 2 by Anthony Cirone, Suite for Trumpet and Marimba by Alec Wilder, and Incantation for Trumpet and Percussion by Howard J. Buss.  CD-105  
Incantation Sound Samples: Sound Sample#1.mp3 (1MB) Sound Sample#2.mp3 (1MB)

  DOUBLE TAKE CD, Brixton CD-105 $16.95

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Trumpet recordings

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